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10 Foot Inflatable Animated Beetlejuice Sand Worm Decoration

That Doesn't Look Like the Yard Anymore..

. So you're recently deceased and someone else is now living in your house.

You tried to leave, but it turns out that the neighborhood is now a sandy wasteland full of gigantic worms. The neighborhood association isn't going to like this.

Product Details Unlike the usual sand worm, this officially licensed 10 Foot Beetlejuice Inflatable Animated Sand Worm won't attack anyone for leaving your house! When fully inflated, the decoration resembles a coiled black and white sand worm with a double row of faux fangs and a long tongue.


10ft Giant Oogie Boogie Inflatable Prop

The Shadow on the Moon at Night Ordinarily he'd be filling your dreams with fright, but this Halloween, Oogie Boogie has had a change of heart. He decided to turn himself into an oversized, puffy and almost adorable decoration to make people smile, instead of trying to entrap them in sinister games.

Product Details It isn't Halloween until you've set out this officially licensed 10ft Giant Inflatable Oogie Boogie Prop! When fully inflated, the decoration looks just like the sack-like monster with the slit eyes and a stitch-detailed mouth who tried to kidnap Sandy Claws.


10FT Jumbo Throwing Up Ghost Inflatable Halloween Prop

Oh, Gross! Clearly, this spirit is feeling a bit ill.

He must have eaten too much Halloween candy and it's causing him an upset ectoplasm. Maybe he watched too many gory horror films and now he's queasy.

Whatever the reason, you'd better stand back! This 10FT Jumbo Throwing Up Ghost Inflatable Decoration will have visitors and passersby howling with laughter!

The decoration shows a wide-eyed ghost vomiting a tentacled stream of green "goo." You'll have to get a really big bucket and mop to deal with all of the cleanup!


10FT Tall Arch Inflatable Spooky Tree Decoration

Set the Stage Striking the right tone with your Halloween decorations is a delicate balance! You want to make sure you set a fun scene, but also make sure that it's spooky enough to be worthy of the holiday.

A haunted tree with its ghostly neighbors seems just right! Product Details Adventure lies beyond for those who will brave this 10ft Tall Spoky Tree Arch Inflatable Decoration!

The sturdy inflatable decoration is shaped like two spiky brown trees that twine in the middle. One tree has a yellow face, and each features various ghost, witch, and pumpkin friends.


3FT Inflatable Halloween Eyeballs Prop

Lurkers Gonna Lurk Something's been lurking in your bushes. You've known it for a while but today, when you were walking back up your driveway on the way home from work, you spotted proof!

Two big ol' eyes staring at you from the hedge. Of course, you lost it.

You dropped your lunch box, travel mug, and the coat you had slung over your arm and darted into the house. You didn't come out until the next morning, even after it started raining on all your stuff.

At this point, you've got to figure out what to do. Are you going to call your dad?

An exterminator? An exorcist?

Maybe you should figure out what's lurking in your bushes before you take action. Where's a long stick when you need one?

Product Details These inflatable eyeballs are the perfect way to make it seem like there is a very large, bug-eyed creature lurking in your yard. Three feet in diameter each, neighbors won't miss these spooky peepers when they pass by during the day or in the evening as the eyes light up with LEDs.

Setting up these eyes is a breeze. Simply zip up the back, plug in the eyes, and tie them down with the included cords and stakes.

Now, what's looking out from your bushes? Well, that's for you to decide!


4 Foot Pumpkin Reaper Inflatable Decoration

Pumpkin Panic Congratulations! You're going to have Most Sinister Decoration bragging rights for the whole Halloween season!

Other houses are decked with faux body parts and shrieking ghosts, but you have the Grim Reaper itself in your front yard. He even decided to dress up for the occasion!

Product Details Combine fun and fright in the perfect amounts thanks to this 4 Foot Tall Pumpkin Reaper Inflatable Decoration! When fully inflated, the decoration resembles the head, torso, and arms of a reaper with a jack o' lantern head.

Its front is printed with skeleton details. It holds an inflated scythe.