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Violin Adult Costume

Encore, Maestro! This concert will be like nothing the audience has ever seen before.

The talented musician has found a way to become one with her instrument. No, not figuratively.

Literally. When the curtain rises and she takes the stage, she'll blow you all away with her passion and her sense of fun.

Not necessarily when it comes to actually playing music, you understand. She's more likely to give a performance in being a crowd pleaser at a costume party - a very difficult role to nail, but she makes it look easy!

Product Details You'll never play second fiddle to anyone when you're wearing your Violin Costume for Adults! The unisex costume includes a sleeveless tunic that's lightweight enough to be worn over your choice of outfit.

The front has a printed graphic of an oversized violin, complete with F holes, bridge, strings, and chin rest. It comes with a headband shaped and printed to resemble a pegbox and scroll.

Two foam tuning pegs stick out from each side. The final touch is a fake violin bow!

The Show Must Go On Be a one-person orchestra in this fun costume! You'll look as impressive as if you had a string section to back you up.

Have fun being the most musical person in the room. Alternatively, you could pretend to be playing a stirring soundtrack to whatever is going on at the moment.

Everyone knows that anything seems more epic with a violin solo playing in the background.

Violin Child Costume

This is aChild Violin Costume.