Iron Maiden

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Adult Iron Maiden Powerslave Mummy Mask

The Faces of Eddie Mummy? Zombie?

Hey, to Eddie the Head, it's all the same. The heavy metal icon has graced the cover of many an Iron Maiden album, and something about him dressed up as a mummy just seems right.

Product Details This Iron Maiden Eddie Powerslave Mummy Mask transforms you into the iconic heavy metal mascot. The mask is sculpted out of molded latex and is inspired by the Iron Maiden album, Powerslave.

The Trick or Treat Studios mask was designed by Erich Lubatti with intense attention to detail. They made sure to get each and every detail about Eddie just right!

The back of the mask has a slit to help for easy access, and the front has small holes for your eyes. Heavy metal fans can finally become Eddie the Head!

Of course, the best part about this mask is that the sculpted details make it a great collection piece when you're done cosplaying as the undead king of heavy metal mascots.

Iron Maiden The Wicker Man Halloween Mask

Brave New World The weaving techniques of primitive man can tell us a lot about their culture and their technological advancement. There are scant few artifacts of this type from history, but the ones we do have paint a picture of the skilled, dedicated artists creating them.

Of all those tribes and cultures, archaeologists and paleontologists have agreed that one stands head and shoulders above the rest: The Iron Maiden Tribe. Called a Band in their time, they made music and art that was enjoyed by many of their people.

We can tell by their Iron Maiden Wicker Man mask that they were preeminent basket weavers and designers. The finely crafted details of the mask show that Iron Maiden certainly had technology and skills that had outpaced their neighbors by many years.

Hopefully, as they learn more about this ancient tribe, scientists will uncover even more of the rich art of the Iron Maiden. Tightly Woven Tale Whether or not you believe that the Wicker Man theory of paleontology is correct, you have to admit that this mask is a fine example of its kind!

The red eyes seem to glow from within, and the bumpy exterior of the mask is a perfect mimicry of wicker material. This mask will comfortably fit most heads and will surely make all heads look exactly as the Iron Maiden intended.


The Beast Iron Maiden Mask

Who's Behind the Beast? We knew it.

Heavy metal is in cahoots with nefarious forces. People kept saying it for years, but Iron Maiden's 3rd studio album, Number of the Beast, showcased art of Eddie the Head controlling the devil with puppet strings.

That's all the proof we need. Or, you know, perhaps it's just some amazing (and provocative) artwork to go along with one of the best heavy metal albums of all time, but who are we to rant on about that.


Product Details Anyways! This Iron Maiden Number of the Beast Devil Mask helps you transform into the malevolent being seen on the album artwork!

The Trick or Treat Studios mask was designed by master mask creator Erich Lubatti. It's made out of a pliable latex material and has realistic details that will please any Iron Maiden fan.

The high quality design makes it a great collector item for when you're done doing Eddie the Heads bidding.