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Captain Marvel Deluxe Kid's Costume

The First Line of Defense Listen, were really worried about Skrulls. You know, those pesky aliens from outer space that can shapeshift?

We hear that theyve been sneaking into human society and theyve been disguising themselves as humans and they might already be here to take over Earth. Totally not cool.

Not cool at all. Thats why were trying to find a superhero whos ready to do battle with those crafty villains.

They need to have strong moral fiber! They need to be brave!

They need to be ready to stand up to the forces of evil, even when they might be completely outmatched! But, most importantly, that superhero needs to have one stellar superhero outfit to match their valiant attitude.

Actually, your child might be the perfect girl for the job when she wears this Captain Marvel deluxe costume. She can be the first line of defense against ANY evil alien!

Product Details This officially licensed Captain Marvel costume is a deluxe outfit based on the Captain Marvel movie. It comes with a full body jumpsuit that fits with closures in the back.

The dark blue suit has printed armor details, making your child look like shes ready to stop any evildoers plan. It also has bright red accents on the shoulders, arms, and feet.

Of course, it has that shining gold star on the front to really capture the heroic look of Captain Marvels suit. The pant legs of the suit end in boot tops, so your child can wear their favorite pair of shoes with this jumpsuit.

The finishing touch to this outfit is the mask, which recreates the look of the mask from the movie. The Secret Weapon We Need Once your girl is suited up in this Captain Marvel costume, shell be ready to take on any of those nasty Skrulls, or anyone else who might happen to be evil!

Who knows, she may even be the secret weapon needed to defeat the evil Thanos well just have to wait and see!