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Adult Green Iguana Kigurumi Costume

Master of Disguise Magically transforming into an iguana would be the ideal solution for getting out of situations you don't want to be in. Let's say you're at a costume party and you see an acquaintance who you just know is dying to tell you all about their relationship history from the last three months (there's more than you'd think) down to her most recent selfie with her current boyfriend.

Wish you could hide? Now you can!

Simply activate your camouflage skin that has been confusing scientists for decades and blend into your surroundings. Your appetizer plate might get stolen because everyone thinks that it's sitting by itself, but that's a small price to pay.

Product Details This awesome Green Iguana Adult Kigurumi might not have camouflage power, but it does have the power to make you feel super snuggly and look super fun! The one-piece outfit is made of soft, green polyester fleece and buttons up the front for easy dressing.

Rib knit ankle and wrists cuffs lock in heat for extra coziness. Scale-like graphics decorate the legs and arms, while a zig-zag edged chest frill embellishes the front.

Attached mitts with soft-sculpted claws keep your hands warm. The attached hood features iguana facial features as well as a long fabric tongue.

Side seam pockets make this outfit fun AND practical! Hiding in Plain Sight Would you rather stay in and watch your latest reality tv obsession than go out and be social?

No problem! Slip into your iguana kigurumi and do your best to blend into the couch.

Maybe no one will spot you.


Adult Kigurumi Costume Cerberus

Four Heads for the Win Once upon a time, deep in the Underworld realm, the most friggin adorable puppy ever started pouncing around at the gates. He was just a little odd, though.

In fact,very odd. Three heads kind of odd!

Hades just had to keep the little guy around. He grew up to be a pretty tough guardian.

Not only could he smell just about anything creeping closer, but those three heads made sure that nothing could go unnoticed! Cerberus became a popular companion all over the place.

(We even hear some bearded wizard with a penchant for magical beasts keeps one hidden in a school somewhere!) We assume it has something to do with how soft and fuzzy he is!

Still, there's one thing that would make this three-headed doggo even better. You guessed it: another head!

Product Details So, maybe you don't actually want to go hunting around haunted schools or the literal underworld just to bring home a snuggly companion. We've got one even better: this Cerberus Kigurumi costume!

Slip into the most comfy quasi-pajamas you've ever felt and flip the hood over your head. You'll have pudgy little legs, an adorable tail, and twin heads hugging your hood, too.

Let out your howl and you might find that you've got a couple guardians to watch your back while you nap. What could be better!

? Howl in Surround Sound Everyone knows that when a wolf lets out that moonlit howl, every other wolf in the area is sure to join in.

We have to wonder how it's going to sound when a few of those howling heads are all you! Of course, if you and your pack all gear up in a Cerberus Kigurumi, you're bound to make some real music!


Adult Kigurumi Costume Lucky Cat

A lucky duck..

. er, cat!

No doubt about it: Cats are creatures favored by Fortune. Endowed with nine lives?

Lucky. Able to land gracefully on their little toe beans from jumps of nearly any distance?

Lucky. Capable of barfing up hairballs, making the most disgusting sounds imaginable, and still maintain their haughty status as the most magnificent creatures known to man?

Definitely lucky! The Japanese demonstrated their wise understanding of cats inherently blessed natures by creating the maneki-neko, an adorable kitty figurine with a waving paw.

You can spot them anywhere from restaurants to car windshields to windowsills, always smiling its inscrutable smile. Even its colors white, red, black, and gold are meant to ward off evil while attracting good health and prosperity.

Lucky Cat celebrates good fortune while (hopefully) harnessing the rest of it for us less favored creatures. We can only imagine that wearing the symbol will bring even more than the usual amount of luck!

Product Details Your fortune will change for the better when you wear this Lucky Cat Adult Kigurumi! The white onesie-style suit buttons up the front so that you can slip it on over lightweight clothes.

It is made of snuggly, 100 percent polyester fleece, because everyone knows that an important part of being lucky is being comfortable. The attached hood is printed with a sweet kitty face and has fabric ears sewn to either side.

Brown and tan spots grace both knees. A red collar and gold tag emblazoned with lucky characters is printed around the neck.

When you raise your left hand (or paw), all can see the beautiful gold characters beckoning the way to good luck! Traditionally, a left-handed Lucky Cat means financial blessings.

Maybe youll win the lottery! A Wearable Good-Luck Charm Bring good vibes and prosperity into your life with this sweet and sassy kigurumi.

Youll be so adorable that everyone who spots you will feel lucky!

Adult Manatee Kigurumi

In First Row for Slow Mo What muncheson food half the day, evolved from elephants, and was the inspiration for the original little mermaid? Well, that'd be the sleepy yet magical manatee, of course!

These slow-moving creatures know how to stop and smell the seagrass. They only move at three to five miles per hour so they literally cannot live a fast-pacedlifestyle.

Maybe you can pick up on some of these chill vibes when you're dressing up in this manatee kigurumi. Go ahead and lay back, munch on some seaweed, and listen to your "sounds of the ocean" noise machine.

Yeah, you might not be living life at breakneck speed but we think taking life slow can get pretty interesting! Product Details This over-sized suit is a manatee version of the Japanese kigurumi that's been taking the world by storm.

The beautiful lightweight fleece is "porpoise-fully" oversized so you can throw clothes underneath, handy for when you need to jump from a meeting with your boss to a Halloween work party in an instant. The suit buttons up the front and has sleeves that fold over your hands to create flippers.

The suit has sweet details like the pocket on the front with a plush piece of lettuce and an adorable sculpted manatee face attached to the hood. Sea What you can sea Are you ready to dive into your new nauticalpersona?

Whether you're dressing up for a costume party or event or you simply want something extremely adorable to wear around the house, this manatee costume will always be a favorite. That hula skirt had better move over because honestly can't think of a better costume to wear to a tropical themed party.

You'll have plenty of room for pineapplepizza and coconut cream pie. What better way to indulge your inner manatee?


Adult Pajama Costume Pug Kigurumi

It's tiring spending the whole day at work looking up pug memes while pretending to do real work. (We've been there).

When you get done, you just want to put on some jammies and hit the couch for some serious movie time. Let us introduce you to this Adult Pug Kigurumi Pajama Costume.

Based on your favorite dog of all time, this comfy onesie makes for a great way to relax after a long day of your pug life. (We know you didn't choose it.

It chose you). Wear it any time you want get cozy, or any time you want to confuse the heck out of your pet dog.


Adult Pegasus Kigurumi

MAGICAL DREAMS We all have some pretty crazy dreams from time to time. Here in the office, we have a weekly contest for the strangest one of the week.

That usually causes folks to eat some really weird and spicy things by Thursday to give them an extra chance for something really out of this world. Of course, the winner always ends up going to whoever dreams about prancing in a meadow or galloping over mystic rainbows in their magical, unicorn form.

(That may have something to do with the judge being a mythological equine.) PRODUCT DETAILS What wecan say is that those unicorn dreams are the best, no matter who is judging.

Enjoy feeling some of the same fun with this Pegasus Kigurumi. This is a soft, fleece onesie that buttons in the front and has rib-knit cuffs at your wrist and ankles for a secure fit despite the loose fabric on your body.

It has a furry, rainbow tail and a slumbering, magical horse head for the hood! A NEW FORM OF FLIGHT We've all had dreams of flying just by stretching out our arms and taking to the skies.

But, there's nothing like the feeling of being a mystically empowered horse and soaring in pegasus form! Make your dreams a reality with this Kigurumi.