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11 Foot Bloody Globe String of Lights Prop

Time to Change the Lightbulbs Welcome to the party! Make yourself at home.

One quick little heads-up: We seem to have picked up a poltergeist somewhere. Seems mostly harmless, but he does enjoy moving random furniture (sometimes when you're sitting in it), and making the lights drip with blood.

Other than that, you won't know he's there! Have fun!

Product Details Set a creepy mood with this String of 11ft Bloody Globe Lights! The circular lightbulbs are decorated with faux blood drips and splatters.

Crime scene or criminally amazing horror ambiance? You decide!


13 Oversized Witch Hat Halloween String Lights Decoration

"Witch" Way to the Party? Witch covens and wizard gatherings aren't a lot like your typical human parties, except for one thing: Decorations!

When you can do magic with a flick of a wand or a wave of a hand, you like to make sure that your home is absolutely spellbinding. Product Details Set a magical tone for your next gathering when you decorate with a strand of 13" Oversized Witch Hat String Lights!

The holiday lights are shaped like pointy, dark blue witch hats decorated with bows and lit from within by white lights.


24 Skeleton Pillars with Light Up Globes Halloween Decoration

Set the Mood Pinatas and balloons say, "Happy birthday!" Graduation caps say, "You did it!

Nice job!" Mistletoe, candy canes, and pine trees say "Merry Christmas!

" Glowing orbs and skeletal grins say, "Let's summon the dead!" Just kidding.

They probably say, "Pass the candy!" Product Details Let your guests know that they're going to have a spooky good time by setting out these 24 Inch Pillars with Light Up Globes!

The two-foot pillars are painted to look like weathered stone. Each one is molded with gothic images of skeletons, bats, and more.

They're both topped with a glowing orb!


6 Flaming White Ghost Light Prop

Boo to You Don't worry: This little spirit isn't here to cause problems. He just wants in on the Halloween fun.

You can count on him to give off an eerie glow that's perfect for watching scary movies, but he won't throw dishes, rattle metal chains, or make blood flow out from underneath doors. Product Details Host a friendly ghost with the most when you display this 6-Inch Flaming Ghost Light!

The mini plastic ghost is printed with a smiling face. When activated, it glows with a spooky light.


6.75-Inch White Ceramic LED Cutout Pumpkin Decoration

White Light Pumpkins are genuinely the perfect fruit. We're pretty sure it's a fruit because it has seeds.

Whatever, we aren't gardeners (most of us at least); we are primarily into toys and costumes. Speaking of which, if you are looking for a pretty white pumpkin decoration that you can use to decorate your home, then check out our6.

75 Inch White Ceramic Cutout LED Pumpkin. The molded ceramic pumpkin has leaf-shaped cutouts that will make a great table piece.

It even lights up using white LED lights, which will create cool-looking effects in the surrounding area. Light up your Halloween home decor and pick up our6.

75 Inch White Ceramic Cutout LED Pumpkin.

92 Street Light with Sound and Lights Halloween Decoration

This Way for Chills and Thrills Don't go to your right! Zombies lurk down that way.

and they'll be happy to drain your brain like a juice box. But don't go to your left, either.

You'll run into a vengeful spook. Stand where you are and don't move ever again.

Product Details If you want a hauntingly cool Halloween decoration, head for this 92 Inch Street Light With Lights and Sound! The realistic-looking street light's red and green lantern lights up when activated.

The arrow-shaped signs below the light read "Zombies" and "Ghost Walk" in bright green light-up letters.