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Ahsoka Lightsaber Accessory

Ahsoka Tano? More like Ahsoka TanAWESOME!

There's no doubt this young padawan knows how to kick some serious butt whenever bad guys find themselves at the wrong end of her lightsaber. Or should we say.


your lightsaber? That's right, now all of Ahsoka's power can be yours when you get this amazing ancient Jedi weapon.

Give in to the temptation! Are you afraid for your safety?

Use this lightsaber to cut through any droid that gets in your way. Give in to that fear, and then turn it into anger, and then use that anger to cause suff- Hmmm, you know what, this is starting to sound an awful lot like the dark side of the Force.

Are you sensing that too? Maybe we should talk to Master Anakin.

He would definitely know if we were close to the dark side. Besides, Anakin would never turn.


hmmm, maybe we shouldn't ask Anakin. How about that sweet old Senator Palpatine?

He's such a good guy, surely he'll know! And he would never dream of using the dark side to create an evil galactic Empire.

May the Force be with you!

Darth Vader Lightsaber Accessory

The path to power is paved with long years of study and practice where the most disciplined seek a balanced mind and the contentedness with the universe that one never needs to use the power that theyve long developed. This is the path to the Jedi Master.

Of course, that is a frustrating road for some. What about using all that power that youve worked so hard to gain!

? Sure, there is something to be said about sitting in weird chairs in near silence next to several other odd looking aliens frog people, any number of folks with head tails, but none of that sounds like the path that youve set in front of yourself.

No. Lets go with the power and use it to make sure that the people we care about will be safe forever!

Of course, that is a dangerous path, itself. And, once youve taken the first few steps into embracing that power and using it to gain what you need, giving fully into your feelings, you might find that the shining blue or green lightsaber that you were expecting to inherit might be replaced by this Darth Vader Lightsaber accessory.

Its plastic red blade extends out 36 long and lights up in its crimson Sith brilliance with two AA batteries. It may not have been the path that you planned to take, but it is the path to true power.

If youre not careful, youll probably need to acquire a Darth Vader helmet and cape, too or maybe youre actually the first well-balanced Jedi Master that just really likes the color red!

Double-Blade Darth Maul Lightsaber

Do you hear that music playing in the background? Yup, your ears aren't playing a trick on ya.

It's Duel of the Fates. And that means you're Darth Maul, and it's time to get out and take care of some pesky Jedi.

You did remember to pack your lightsaber, right? Being a Sith apprentice carries some baggage in and of itself, but there's no way you'd forget to pack your trusty weapon.

As ancient as the order of the Sith itself, a red lightsaber is a pretty big deal to the dark lords, and that's why, as Darth Maul, you have constructed one of the coolest lightsabers ever to have been seen. The dual-bladed saberstaff!

If you're not the real Maul, and are just going with a costume for Halloween, the Star Wars con, or the twentieth anniversary of The Phantom Menace, that's still cool with us. And that's why we have this authentic Double-Blade Darth Maul Lightsaber for sale.

It will complete your villainous Star Wars costume with the touch you need to be truly devious. (Well, face-paint helps too, but that's available on another product page.

) This Star Wars accessory is officially licensed, and ready to help you battle Jedi (or even flip sides and fight for the light side of the force!).

So when the music starts to play for you, just join the dark forces with a Darth Maul costume and this double-blade weapon. Because when you take up the role of a Sith assassin, you won't be able to perform high priority missions without one.

And one more pro-tip: enjoy your rage, it is the source of your power.

Hasbro Star Wars Mandalorian Darksaber

Sweet Deal Picking between he light and the dark sides of the Force has always seemed to be kind of arbitrary to you. Sure, one seems better on the surface, but the truth is always more complicated than that.

You have found that the control of the Jedi is no less onerous than that of the Sith, even if it is domination by social control instead of by an individual. Would your life be any freer if you were held to the rules and limits of the Jedi than the chains of the dark side of the Force?

Now, if one side was offering cookies, your choice would be made for you! The Ultimate Who says the Jedi and Sith get to have all the fun when it comes to awesome swords?

If you want a quality weapon that any Jedi would fear and any Sith would covet, then you will love this Star Wars The Black Series Force FX Elite Mandalorian Darksaber. This weapon of the Mandalorian leader is a true-to-series replica of the saber from the Mandalorian.

The LEDs, sound effects, and premium, authentic quality all work to bring the Darksaber from the Mandalorian to life. You will love the way swinging this replica feels in your hand, just be careful not to cut off a hand like everyone else in Star Wars!


Luke Skywalker Lightsaber Accessory

Do you know what we would have given to have a real lightsaber when we were little? We would have traded all of our action figures, bikes, and our video games (probably), and lived out the rest of our childhood playing with sticks and dust bunnies, just for the chance to take a single swing with an actual Jedi weapon.

If that sounds pretty extreme, that's because we extremely wanted to play with a lightsaber! Although, it's probably for the best that we didn't get that opportunity, because we wouldn't have done anything good with an unstoppable energy sword.

But, nowadays, we can all pretend to live out our childhood dream by playing with this Lightsaber Accessory. Modeled after Luke Skywalker's infamous blue-bladed Jedi weapon, this officially licensed Star Wars costume accessory lights up just like it does in the films.

Wear it at your side as part of your Jedi costume, or carry it with you everywhere you go to make up for not having one when you were growing up, just like we do!

Mace Windu Lightsaber Accessory

This is the weapon of a Jedi Knight. Not as clumsy or random as a blaster; an elegant weapon for a more civilized age.

Everyone knows a Jedi Master is only as good as his skill with a lightsaber. Jedi tradition dictates that new Padawans construct their own lightsaber from scratch, but we understand that it's a difficult accomplishmen because Kyber crystals are rare.

And who has the time to sit down and build a lightsaber these days? Certainly, not us!

Are you in the market for a lightsaber thats powerful, efficient, and incredibly stylish (who wouldnt want a purple blade? If you simply dont have the time to pore through countless schematics or you're lacking the energy to focus on lightsaber construction, then you need our Mace Windu Lightsaber Accessory.

With this replica of the great Jedi Masters lightsaber, youll be taking the fight to the Sith in no time! Just remember this: watch out for the treacherous Sith and their nasty Force Lightning!