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Fantastic Beasts Newt Scamander Briefcase

Traveling can be pretty exciting, especially when you have a mission. The thing is when you're about to hunt down all the magical creatures of the world you had better make sure you have a good way of transporting the elusive creatures, keeping the animals safe, or better yet, keeping people safe from the wild and magical creatures!

The research you'll be doing for the Wizarding World is important but you don't want a Graphorn traveling through a muggle world with nowhere to go! What would those poor muggles make of it!

Still, it's really amazing what you'll find in the far-off places in the world. For instance, there's that time you went out to that field during the full moon to gather the mysterious moon calf.

You'll never forget the way they danced around you with their large, magical eyes. You know how to keep those beasties happy if only you could get your suitcase home safely!

This handsome piece of luggage might not have an endless bottom but you'll find that this suitcase is quite dashing for your tour around the world. It has an aged leather look with metallic, brassy corners and two matching button latches.

The handle has a cushioned feel, comfortable for lugging those creatures about, even in the crowded muggle streets of New York. The exterior of the lid has Newt Scamander's initials on the side and the box is lined with an old-fashioned striped material with magical symbols completing the pattern.

So, carefully latch that lid and get ready to take off. There's plenty of magical creatures out there and you know just where to find them!