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Magic School Bus Ms. Frizzle Costume for Kids | Science Halloween Costumes

Curiosity Is your kiddo curious about everything? Does she ask youeverything,wanting to get to know her world inside and out?

It's refreshing to be around a curious kid. You are easily reminded of how little you know about our world.

Your little one makes you look twice at something as simple as bread baking in an oven, something you've taken for granted your whole life. How does the loafseeminglyrise like magic?

How does it turn from agelatinousgoo to a slice of warm goodness? You know a lot but there's no way to answer all your littlegirl'sanswers.

Sure, you could always askSiri but the wonders of the internet have nothing on the unforgettable Magic School Bus field trips. Ms.

Frizzle really knew how to take hands-on education to the next level. Forget the flow charts and cut-out diagrams from yesteryear's textbooks, when you're in Frizzle's class room she goes deep!

Learning about the earth's layers? Arnold's going to wish he stayed at homecauseit'sgoing to get hot in the bus real fast!

And let's not even talk about that lesson on thedigestive system! Design & Details Your little girl will love how it feels to wear the colorful clothes of everyone's favorite science teacher in this science Halloween CostumeThe blue space themed ensemble doesn't have to be limited to Halloween.

the dress would be a hit at thisyear'sScience Fair and to that field trip to the planetarium come to think of it. She can even bring along Liz the Lizard to carry her emergency science supplies.

Your little one's school bus might not shrink down or shoot into space but this costume is sure to inspire your kiddo to take chances, make mistakes, and get messy!