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Magician Costume of Kids

Abracadabra, meaning 'it came to pass as it was spoken' Kids love magic. Heck, we as adults love magic.

It's the reason we read Harry Potter, and insist on watching the movies with our kids. It is the reason that we go see any movie for that matter.

We want to experience shock, and amazement, and wonder. And it is the same thing for kids.

They love they way a magician can make someone disappear. Or saw a person in half.

They love the wonder of it all. The sparkly dress worn by the assistant to distract from what the magician is doing.

And your kid always tries so hard to figure out how all the tricks were preformed. (Not gonna lie, we try to as well.

Often times without success.) So, when your son wants to open a magician business, don't tell him no.

Just give him this Child Magician Costume. This way you wont have to give him an allowance, and you get to be entertained by the cutest little magician ever.

You wont have to turn on Harry Potter to get a little bit of magic in your life. All you'll have to do is hand your little munchkin his wand, and watch as he makes his little sister disappear by saying "Alakazam", and waving his wand in front of her face.

(We hope he knows how to get her back again.)