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1980's Makeup Kit

So Rad! Side pony?

Check. Leg warmers?

Absolutely! Acid washed "mom" jeans, oversized sweatshirts, shoulder pads in jackets, bright neon colors?

Um, of course! But wait!

Before you can queue up your Michael Jackson, Van Halen, and Cindy Lauper playlist to enter your full 80s mode, there's just one more finishing touch you need to have. Product Details Get your glam on with this exclusive 80's Costume Makeup Kit!

The set includes a non-toxic cream makeup palette full of peppy 80s-inspired colors, including bright yellow, pink and blue. A foam-ended applicator makes it easy to create an awesome look.

When you're finished, remove the makeup by following the instructions on the back of the package. Ready to Rock and Roll All Night If you're looking for an easy way to add some awesome retro flair to your already awesome ripped denim outfit, you've picked the right makeup kit!

Turn up some throwback hits so that you and your friends can dance the night away.


Adult Deluxe Monster Makeup Kit

Face the Facts You thought long and hard about your Halloween look this year. You wanted to do something classic, but you wanted to do it really, really well.

It's like they say in cooking, "the simplest food is the most difficult to produce well." It may look easy, but you have to be thoughtful about it.

So you narrowed it down to vampire, pirate, or monster. You ditched the pirate because it wasn't scary enough.

And when it really came down to it, well, you had to face the facts: you just really wanted to paint your face up like a scary monster! And now here you are, ready to get everything you need for your Halloween transformation.

Look no further than this Deluxe Monster Makeup Kit for Adults. It will help you take your costume to the next level!

And since the thing that tipped the scales in the direction of Monster in the first place was the idea of painting your face, you better believe this component is pretty important! Product Details This kid includes everything you need to make your monster dreams come true!

It comes with creme foundation, 4 creme contour shades, eyeliner pencil, makeup brushes, face powder, a powder puff, 3 sponge wedges, and detailed application instructions.


Alien Makeup Set

Greetings, Earthlings! Humans sure have some weird ideas of what extraterrestrials look like.

In all of their movies and shows, visitors from far-away planets either have big bug eyes or too many legs. They never dreamed that aliens would be so stylish and fabulous in real life!

Product Details Knock 'em dead (figuratively, of course) when you use this exclusive Alien Halloween Makeup Kit! The plastic palette includes non-toxic green, purple, silver and black grease makeup.

It's easy to apply, thanks to the included foam-tipped applicator. Use the grease crayon to draw in the finer details of your alien makeover.

When you want to morph back into an Earthling, follow the removal directions on the back of the package. The New Fashion Destination Your style this Halloween will be out of this world!

All of the Earthlings will be clamoring to visit your home planet so that they can see the incredible styles that all of the Martians are wearing this year. Forget Paris - hello, outer space!


Army Camo Makeup Costume Kit

An Awesome Assignment Soldiers! Fall in to receive your new mission!

You have been tasked with going to a costume party, securing the area, and then being awesome on the dance floor. Time to show everyone the skills you learned since joining the army - especially when it comes to your powers of disguise!

Product Details Complete a cool military outfit with this exclusive Army Camo Costume Makeup Kit! The makeup palette contains non-toxic cream makeup in shades of black, reddish-brown, and green.

A foam applicator is also included. Apply on your face as desired, and remove according to the instructions sheet.

They'll Never See You Coming Have you ever wished that you could disguise yourself as well as a soldier sneaking through enemy territory? Now is your chance to try!

Just be warned, when propery applied, this makeup is more likely to make you unmistakeably amazing than it is to help you fade into the background.


Bear Exclusive Makeup Kit

Bear With Us Whats your favorite animal? Although some people really like birds, fish, reptiles, or even insects, many others are naturally drawn to cute, cuddly species.

Many of us have dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, and similar soft creatures as pets, and they make great companions. Bears are also furry and soft, but they confuse us a little bit.

After all, theyre incredibly dangerous and could cause a lot of damage to us with a single bite or swipe, so why do they look so cute and cuddly? Usually, animals that are dangerous to us set off instinctive alarm bells in our heads, but with bears, we just want to walk up and give them a big hug!

If you decide to get snuggly with a bear costume, youll need some makeup to finish off your look, and we have just the thing. Design & Details This Bear Makeup Kit will help you complete your fuzzy-faced look!

It comes with tan, brown, and black makeup so you can create a variety of designs to go with any bear costume. It also includes a brush and a sponge to make application a breeze, and even has a black pencil to make adding those fine details a little easier.

Youll love giving out bear hugs (or scaring people away with a roar) when you use this awesome kit!

Black Light Glow Makeup Kit

Let's Glow Already! Halloween makeup can be fun, challenging, and an easy way to add color, detail, and pop to your costume.

But it can be a drag once the sun goes down and nobody can see what an artful job you've done. With black light makeup, your hard work will glow indoors and out with just the flip of a switch!

Start with the five base colors--yellow, red, blue, white, and black. Then add the black light makeup anywhere you want to glow.

Include a UV flashlight among your Halloween accessories or a black light to your indoor Halloween decor and nobody will ever ask, "So, what are you?" again.

They'll be too busy admiring the bright colors and great details coming off your glowing face. Product description This makeup set comes with yellow, red, blue, black, white, and black light makeup cakes.

Water-activated means that it goes on smoothly, dries quickly, and is safe to use wherever you need it. It also comes off easily with soap and warm water.

The applicator brush makes adding details quick and easy. Grab a makeup sponge (sold separately) for faster application.

Once your base makeup is set, apply the black light makeup over the top. Then switch on a black light.

Your makeup job will be visible in even the darkest of rooms.