Mary Poppins Costumes

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Deluxe Mary Poppins Costume for Women

Up, Up, and Away! As superheroes go, we don't think Mary Poppins gets recognized often enough.

Don't think she's a superhero? Well, just think about it for a minute.

She's got some superb umbrella flying skills, navigating the smoggy London skyline like a champ without getting even a spot of soot on her dainty white ensemble. Secondly, she's got that miraculous bag!

No other superheroes carry something that looks so ordinary and carries so much that we know of. And while she might apply her special talents to something less sensational than fighting crime, we're pretty sure cheering up kids all around the world is a great way to use those heroic skills.

We could all use more dancing penguins in our lives! Product Details This ensemble is cheerful and ready for some Broadway-stylesinging with red waist accent fabric that features piping that makes it look like a corset without the restriction.

The top would be all the rage in Victorian London. The bodicehas a generous ruffle, a lacey collar, and slightly puffed lace sleeves.

You'll love the sparkly tea-length skirt that gives your dress a twirl-factor that any musical costume needs. Top it all off with the included hat, add onsome lace gloves and a parasol and you'll be ready to start your new magical nanny career!

Cast of Characters Whether you're heading out with only your parasol and a song or you want to go out with the whole cast, you're sure to be recognized by anyone who adored the best nanny in history. Pair up with Bert, your charges, and let a few chimney-sweeps tag along and you'll make a truly expialidosiousentrance to any event (are we using that word right?

). You never know how sweet life can be when you just let go and go fly a kite!