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Mean Girls Regina George Deluxe Costume

IS BUTTER A CARB? Regina George her savage one-liners and cutthroat comments make us all feel "personally victimized.

" So, why does everyone like her so much, including us? Why is shethe queen bee of the Plastics?

Why is Regina icon-level-status popular? Why arecostumes available, (like this one right here), paying homage to her as a character?

It's safe to say Regina George is North Shore's pettiest and most savage mean girl but we'll gladly admit it: we're a little obsessed with her. (Okay, really obsessed with her), which is why we created the exclusive and officially licensed Regina George costume.

Regina, you have ourvote for Spring Fling Queen (sorry, not sorry, Cady Heron). Regina, we'll even write our own names in the Burn Book if it means we can sit with you at lunch.

We'd dip our tank tops in wet, purple paint and parade around school just like you. Regina, we're not ashamed to publicly confess our love for you.

We don't care who knows, but we're like, obsessed with you. DESIGN & DETAILS Wearing the Mean Girls Regina George costume shows your devotion to the iconic character who taught us all the importance ofwearing pink on Wednesdays.

(Always, ladies!) The costume comes with the stretchy white tank with purple "cutouts," referencing one of many hilarious scenes.

The black skirt fastens via a real, functioning zipper in the back to complete the iconic look. Finally, a "Burn Book" stretchy book cover is included with the tank top and skirt.

Stretch it over any book tocreate a quick and easy prop others will recognize and appreciate, but don't let them read it; it's for their own good..

. GROOL GROUP Transform your entire girl-gang into Gretchen, Karen, and Cady to form the Plastics dressed in our line of officially licensed Mean Girls costumes.