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5FT Tall Inflatable Candy Monster Decoration

I Want Candy This monster is completely thrilled! It's always wanted to go trick-or-treating, and this year it finally took the plunge.

Everyone just assumed that it was wearing a costume! It has all of the candy it can possibly want and is now about to experience what a sugar rush is for the first time.

Product Details This 5ft Tall Candy Monster Inflatable Decoration will make your Halloween even sweeter! When fully inflated, it resembles an adorable green monster sitting behind a smiling jack o' lantern and holding an armful of oversized candies.

More candies are strewn beside it.


Adult Bloodlust Mask

Can't Be Too Careful There's no such thing as a monster in the closet, right? You definitely won't open the door and find a hissing, frothing creature with an insane desire to drink human blood and - AHHHH!

Oh, that's just a costume accessory. At least, we hope it is.

But don't get too close. Product Details The only place you'd want to see a face this scary is at a Halloween party!

Wearing a Bloodlust Mask for Adults basically makes you a shoe-in for "Most Horrifying Costume" finalist. The maks covers your entire head, neck, and chest area and resembles a creature with blueish skin, pointed ears, yellow eyes, and a bloody mouth split into a chilling grin that reveals a full set of fangs.

Eye and mouth holes let you see and breathe. Fright Night Scare those puny humans - um, we mean your friends - by showing up in this uniquely terrifying accessory!

Remember to avoid anyone dressed as a monster hunter. They might see you as their biggest challenge yet.


Adult Blue Monster Hands

What would it be like to have fur instead of skin? We don't know about you, but we can't wait to find out!

Let's face it: having skin is not that fun. Sure, we need it so that our organs stay intact but we think it would be way cooler to be covered in fur instead.

First of all, skins sweats a lot and sweat is gross. If we had fur-covered bodies we wouldn't be that sweaty, so therefore we wouldn't be that smelly!

Also, there wouldn't be a need to wear a winter coat because we'd never be cold! Yup, having fur sounds pretty awesome to us.

These blue monster hands, made for adults, will give you an idea of what it's like to have fur. You can use them to complete your fuzzy blue monster costume or you can just wear them around to get a sense of what it would be like to have hands covered in hair.

Either way, they make for a "ferocious" conversation piece!

Adult Classic Zombie Monster Mask

Monster Mayhem It loves to lurk in the shadows in your basement. You can feel its eyes on you as you sprint for the stairs after turning out the light.

Sometimes you may catch a glimpse of it peering out from inside your closet. The worst is when you feel a presence in the room with you and you turn quickly to see AHHHHH, THERE IT IS!

Oh thank goodness, it's just the mask. Imagine if that were real!

Product Details Be a terrifying sight in this Adult Classic Green Monster Mask! The mask covers your entire face and stays in place via an elastic band that stretches around the back of your head.

It's molded to look like a snarling green monster, with gaping nose holes, a leering mouth, and one missing eye. BOO!

Make sure that you remember where you store this mask! Coming upon it suddenly in a storage bin would be quite a shock (and very funny for anyone who saw it happen).


Adult Deluxe Monster Makeup Kit

Face the Facts You thought long and hard about your Halloween look this year. You wanted to do something classic, but you wanted to do it really, really well.

It's like they say in cooking, "the simplest food is the most difficult to produce well." It may look easy, but you have to be thoughtful about it.

So you narrowed it down to vampire, pirate, or monster. You ditched the pirate because it wasn't scary enough.

And when it really came down to it, well, you had to face the facts: you just really wanted to paint your face up like a scary monster! And now here you are, ready to get everything you need for your Halloween transformation.

Look no further than this Deluxe Monster Makeup Kit for Adults. It will help you take your costume to the next level!

And since the thing that tipped the scales in the direction of Monster in the first place was the idea of painting your face, you better believe this component is pretty important! Product Details This kid includes everything you need to make your monster dreams come true!

It comes with creme foundation, 4 creme contour shades, eyeliner pencil, makeup brushes, face powder, a powder puff, 3 sponge wedges, and detailed application instructions.


Adult Face the Monster Halloween Sweater

Monster Mayhem They always say that the scariest part of the horrific creature stalking the shadows of the movies is the fact that you can't see them. Don't get us wrong.

We're with you there! Hearing something spooky just out of sight is sure to give anyone a serious case of goosebumps.

Butjust hear us outwhen that monster is right up in your face, that's a whole new brand of shivers that your body is going to be ordering! Fortunately, there are a few ways to make sure that you keep that creature in check.


and all in supernatural style while you're at it! Design & Details Channel the moment that the creepy creature bursts out of the cold, dark shadows of the film with our Face the Monster Halloween Sweater.

This cozy bit of Halloween couture will chase away the chills while providing a few new ones to your friends and family thanks to the nearly neon look of a freakish faade right in the front! Goosebumps be Gone The one thing that assures you that you're going to make it through to the end of the film is if you're the one commanding the creature to begin with!

Step into the role of the monster with this Halloween Sweater and become the thing that goes bump in the night.