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Motorhead Warpig Mask Accessory

intimidating icon Since 1975, Motrheads music has had an impact like a hammer to the temple of the music scene. One constant has been the fanged, snarling accomplice: the Warpig.

Appearing in different putrid, devilish, and dastardly guises over the years -- on album covers, merch and beyond -- Snaggletooth has taken on a life of its own. It is more than just a logo.

It's an idea; it's an attitude; it's an icon. Here, at least, it's also a mask.

product details You should be downright psyched to learn that you can take this leering icon of the band on the go, wearing it to Halloween festivities, costume parties, or even the grocery store. That's one way to avoid talking to only other folks you want to talk to.

This officially licensedMotrhead Warpig Mask will cover your entire face and graciously lets you see through small slits at the top of the mask. Snap this over your noggin and you'll be ready to thrash around wherever your day's adventures take you.