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Adult Munchkin Ballerina Costume | Ballerina Dress

Some people have flair when it comes to welcoming guests, while others leave a little something wanting. Take us for example.

Wed love to roll out the red carpet for our guests when they come over, and we plan to do such nice things when we expect a visit from friends or family. We plot miraculous cheese and cracker spreads, complicated dinners, delightful visits to the zoo and live theater, presidential treatment, really.

And then we forget about everything until theyre calling us from the airport wondering where their ride is. We hope good intentions count for something.

On the opposite end from us on the spectrum of hospitality are the Munchkins. Not ten minutes passed since a mysterious giant girl squashed a witch in their backyard and theyre improvising song and dance numbers and giving her directions.

The loveliest performers in Dorothys welcoming party, of course, are the Munchkin ballerinas. Could you ask for more darling representatives of the Lullaby League to greet you?

So, if youre expecting guests, or if one happens to drop in on you, you couldnt do better than to mince, pli, and sing before them wearing our very own Munchkin ballerina costume. Its a fine pink ruffled dress just like the Munchkins, complete with the cute little hat.

Get a Lollipop League costume for your significant other and your guests may never want to leave you!

Women's Deluxe Munchkin Costume

As mayor of Munchkin City, in the County of the Land of Oz, I welcome you most regally, but weve got to verify it legally, to see. Dorothy: To see?

Munchkin Mayor: If she Dorothy: If she? Munchkin Mayor: Is morally, ethically, spiritually, physically, positively, absolutely, undeniably and reliably dead.

The Munchkins were a by-the-book people. Even when strangers arrived from another world to save them from the tyranny of an actual witch, they want to make sure everything was above board legally before they celebrated.

Which is commendable, I guess. Besides the officious mayor, living in Munchkin City sounds pretty rad.

I mean, its no Hobbitontheres a lot less smoking of pipeweed, a lot more cavities and diabetes, and a lot more organized musical routines, but you still get to live in a tiny little house with a thatched roof. And who wouldnt want to grow lollipops in a windowsill garden?

You know the Lollipop Guild looks out for its own. Do you know what kind of pensions those guys get?

Unions havent lost their power to organize in Oz. The forced musical practice doesnt even sound so bad I mean, you get to sing the song you have stuck in your head out loud all day and nobodys even gonna look at you like youre crazy.

Yeah, life as a munchkin is pretty enviablejust dont go running into any tornadoes in our Womens Oz Deluxe Munchkin Costume. It doesnt work like that.