New Years Eve

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Black / Silver Lurex Shimmer Ankle Socks

Cold Feet Can you imagine landing on Earth after a lifetime spent exploring distant galaxies? We assume it would take some time to adjust to a terrestrial life.

Youd be taken out of the stars and left to see them only at night, and only if the sky was clear and far enough from the city lights. The magic of starlight would feel so far away.

If we were Aliens visiting Earth, we assume wed severely miss being able to take a spacewalk among the stars. We also assume that we prepared to make that sacrificeour visit would have been an assignment to gather vital data about humansbut we still think it would be nice to be given a link to our old starlit ways.

Product Details If we found ourselves on an Alien welcoming committee, wed probably bring a pair of these Black and Silver Shimmer Socks as a gift for our visitors. Were not 100% that an Aliens feet would fit in traditional human socks, but we think its a safe gesture to offer these one-size fits most socks.

Plus, the silver thread woven into the inky black base will make it easy for an Alien guest to keep walking in the stars while they stay with usa comfort otherwise hard to find. Walk Among Stars Whether youre looking to jazz up an out of this world outfit or offering Alien visitors a gift, these flashy socks will bring the stars down to Earth.

Wherever you go, with a pair of these Shimmer Ankle Socks, youll look like youre walking on stars.

Cry Baby Electric Opal Holographic Face Decals

*Sniff Sniff* Are sad movies your favorite? Do you love the most tragic characters in books and on screen?

If you plan to dress up as one of your favorites, you're going to need a way to convey the pathos of your choice. But crying all night sounds exhausting (plus, it would wreck your makeup), so you're going to need a sob stand-in.

Product Details Shed cute crocodile tears thanks to these Electric Opal Cry Baby Holographic Face Decals! These decals by Lux are made of baby blue vinyl and backed with non-toxic adhesive.

The four separate pieces are shaped like single teardrops and rows of under-eye tears. Simply stick them on your face where you want them and peel off when finished.

If treated with care and replaced on their original backing, the decals are reusable! Sob Story Accent a unique costume with these easy-to-use accessories!

Your eye makeup (and tear ducts) will thank you.


Cry Baby Rainbow Chrome Holographic Face Decals

Cry Me a River Have you just been invited to a last-minute costume event and you're not sure what you're going to wear? Don't be upset, because you were really smart and stocked up on some awesome facial accessories that can turn any outfit into a party-worthy ensemble!

Product Details These Rainbow Chrome Cry Baby Holographic Face Decals look so amazing that they might just bring a tear to your eye! Each tear-themed decal is made of iridescent vinyl and backed with non-toxic self-adhesive so that you can place them wherever you want on your face.

If treated with care and replaced on their original backing, the decals are reusable. No More Tears Your accessories look weepy, but you'll feel amazing thanks to your gorgeous look!

Accent a fun costume or try out a themed makeover with friends for Halloween or another special occasion. No makeup skills required for these!


Death Stare Electric Opal Holographic Face Decals

The Eyes Have It Sometimes, dramatic eye accentuation makes the difference between a good costume and a great one. Everyone will want to make eye contact with you when you wear these Death Stare Electric Opal Holographic Face Decals.

Place them above your brows for a crownlike effect, or across your cheeks for some undereye emphasis. If you treat these decals right, you can wear them multiple times--and you'll want to!

The iridescent blue opalescent vinyl can pick up warm tones for a warm, fairy or sprite look, but also accentuates dark, dramatic makeup if you're going for a more witchy, goddess vibe.

Holographic JamStar Face Decals in Electric Opal

Real Star Power Whether you've chosen to be a mage or magic user, a rock star, or an astronomer who takes their love of outer space to extreme levels, these Holographic JamStar Face Decals in Electric Opal will bring that extra hit of star power to this year's Halloween costume. Iridescent blue vinyl catches rays of light and adds dimension and a mysterious glint to your face.

They're self-adhesive and sit on peel-off backing--and if you treat them right, they'll stand up for multiple uses. They're much easier than makeup (and there's no risk of it wiping off or staining the rest of your costume!

) Once you see how sharp each point looks, in a way that no makeup templates ever could, you'll know you've made the right choice.

Holographic JamStar Face Decals in Gold Sparkle

Star Power Are you staring at your outfit in the mirror, wondering what could be missing? Do you have a fantastic costume or an incredible party outfit, yet you feel that it could have more punch?

What you need is an accessory that acts as a sort of personal spotlight: Something that will attract attention and make you glow! Product Details Look like the superstar you are while wearing this set of Jamstar Holographic Gold Sparkle Face Decals!

The set includes four star-themed decals made of iridescent gold vinyl and backed with non-toxic adhesive. Simply peel off and apply on your face where desired.

If treated with care and replaced on their original backing, the decals are reusable! Stand Out Catch all eyes and own the limelight!

This set of golden decals is marvelous for completing a musician, an angel, a superhero, or an alien costume, and much more. The options are endless!