Nun Costumes

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Adult UV Ghostly Nun Mask

Not-so-holy Smoke Every ghost has a different way of showing up. If you're a horror movie fan then you probably know a couple.

There's the demanding ghost that draws people to come to them. This is that scene when a strange scratching sounds from the basement in the middle of the night, leading an inquirer to enter a dark staircase.

Then there's the ghost that appears in reflective surfaces like mirrors and windows. The one that really gets to us?

The ghost that appears in a cloud of swirling smoke. In this nun'scase, we're sure she'd appear in a cloud of Cathedral style incense smoke.

Can you picture it? A sighting like the one we're imagining just might ruin the smell of Frankincensefor good.

Product Details This eerie mask will make you very aware of all your sins. The maskhas very pale skin and is detailed with aged lines around throughout.

The mouthand eyes are blackened for an eerie image at first glance. And under a black light, this mask is even more shocking!

It glows as if it's haunted. The maskis framed in a black habit so that everyone will immediately recognize your haunting religious roots.


Sassy Nun Women's Costume

For Heaven's Sake The Catholic Church has been around for a while. They brought people hope during the hundreds of Dark Days when "Plague" was the buzziestof buzzwords.

They built some of the most gorgeous buildings in the world and made sure geniuses like Di Vinci had all the parchment and oil paints they needed. The church's love for fasting inspired monks to brew the best beer and invent the pretzel.

Whether matters are big or small, the church has had a hand in almost every subject for about two-thousand years now. If you're ready to become a sassy member of this tour de force, there's no need to sign your whole life order.

Try the habit out for just one night! Whether you wield a ruler or not is up to you!

Design & Details This nun is the perfect mix of sassy and sanctified and as it's Made-By-Us you'll be able to wear it for different occasions! The knee-length swooshing skirt has plenty of flow for those of you who are shopping for a musical costume.

You'll love the dramatic bell sleeves that is perfect for both choir clapping and brandishing a ruler. The dress has a wide white scapular collar that matches the band of the veil.

The look is brought together with a white cord belt. We Hear You,Sister!

If you're ready to join the sisterhood you'll love this look. Top the costume off with a gothic cross necklace or a pair of cross tights.

Folks are sure to respect your power. Team up with the rest of your sisters and have nun-stop fun.

We have plenty of holy looks to choose from. You guys could even start your own choir.

All you need is an organ app on your phone and folks are sure to get into the spirit!

The Town Scary Nun Mask

The Ex-President's are out. The Nun's are in.

Everyone likes a good heist movie. But we really love them when the thieves do something a little crazy while they make off with the money.

We love the twist endings. The way the robbers mess with the heads of the police.

And everyone really. The Town is such a good example of awesome heists, and little twists.

If you are feeling like robbing a bank in the near future then this Scary Nun Mask from The Town is just the thing for you. The creepy nuns are enough to make any civilians in a bank drop to the floor.

The Ex-Presidents from Point Break are far less frightening. In order to get the money, it might be best to go with the scary nun.

(We do not advise robbing any banks, federal prison is crummy.)