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4th Doctor Tom Baker Doctor Who 5 Ornament

This is a 5" Doctor Who 4th Doctor Tom Baker Ornament.

5 Coca-Cola Truck with Lights Ornament

This is a 5" Coca-Cola Truck w/ Lights.
$14.99 $17.99

Antic Skull Horror Ornament

Head Will Roll Have some fun this Halloween when you use a Christmas tradition to decorate your home. Bring in a Halloween tree and decorate it with this Horror Antic Skull Ornament as well as many other spooky decorations.

This skull ornament will be a perfect addition to your Halloween decor this year. Hang it on a tree or anywhere else in your house and it will bring in that eerie element that your home is missing.

With black eyes and a toothy smile, this bonehead looks forward to making your home the spookiest house on the block! Be sure to take a look at the rest of the Halloween ornaments we have available.


Billy Saw Ornament

I Want To Play A Game Halloween is coming and some of us are getting a bit too old to go out trick-or-treating. How then are we supposed to celebrate this amazing holiday?

Well, aside from costume parties, pub crawls, costume contests, haunted houses, and scary movie marathons, theres not much to do. UNTIL NOW!

Why not enjoy a spooky gift exchange with your friends and family? After all, Christmas isnt the only holiday that youre allowed to give gifts on.

If youre having a hard time thinking of a Halloween gift, think no longer. This Saw Billy Ornament is exactly what you need.

Giveit to thatSawfanatic in your life.This ornament will be perfect for adding to the spookiness of a haunted house.

It will also be a perfect addition to any Christmas Tree as a haunting reminder of the best holiday of the year! Product Details This terrifying ornament is made in resin and it was meticulously painted to perfection.

Every creepy detail you loved from theSawmovies has been carefully added to this Billy bust. There is an attached ribbon that allows one to hang this ornament where they please.

Lastly, this officially licensed decoration comes in a Collectors Window Box.


Bob Ross 5 Molded Christmas Ornament

Happy Little Christmas We'd love to have Bob be our guest during the holidays. He'd look at our lopsided tree and declare that it gives the rest of our decorations character.

He'd be sure to say that burning the turkey was just another happy little accident. Honestly, he'd be almost as much fun to host at Christmastime as Santa Claus.

Product Details Make your Christmas colorful and bright with this officially licensed Bob Ross 5" Painter Christmas Ornament! It's shaped and painted to look like the famous artist wearing his favorite button-down shirt and blue jeans.

His paint-filled pallet reads "There are no mistakes, just happy accidents." No matter how crazy your holidays get, this ornament will remind you to simply enjoy the moment.

$12.99 $11.99

Captain Spaulding Holiday Ornament

Dashing Through The Graves What Christmas would be complete without a visit from good old Captain Spaulding? You thought we were going to say, Saint Nick, didnt you?

Well, here at HalloweenCostumes, we like to shake things up sometimes. It may be a bit unorthodoxand nontraditional, but we have an idea.

Bring a hint of that Halloween spirit into the Christmas season! Sure, you may be used to placing angels, stars, reindeer, and sleds all over your Christmas tree.

However, we suggest adding some spooky ornaments to the tree this time around. Take this Captain Spaulding Ornament, for example.

It is probably the last thing most of your holiday visitors would expect to find hanging in your tree. Adding this devils reject to your holiday decorations will, without a doubt, spice things up this year.

Product Details This ornament is made with an amazing amount of detail. It is designed after Captain Spaulding from Rob Zombies films House of 1000 Corpses, The Devils Rejects, and 3 From Hell.

It features his big bearded smiling face in his full clown makeup as well as his upper torso. At the top of the ornament, a pin with a loop is installed with a ribbon for hanging purposes.