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18 Piece Cemetery Decoration Kit

Halloween Heroics Keeping up with the Halloween heroes on your block is no easy feat. But you go for it every year.

And then they unveiled a gargantuan graveyard that gave you the chills. Their entire lawn was transformed from a manicured masterpiece to an ancient burial ground overcrowded with tombstones, decaying tributes, and even realistic bone props sticking up from freshly tiled and tamped plots.

Deciding how youd compete with such a convincing display was unsettling. And while you watched neighbors pass and stare at the creepy cemetery, you heard disconcerted whispers.

Is it too much? What happened to spooky season?

This is disturbing. Your spirit soared!

You knew exactly how to become the neighborhood's new Halloween hero! Product Details Get back to basics this Halloween when you purchase this 18 Piece Spooky Cemetery Kit!

Featuring everything you need for a simple but impactful display, this set of yard props is perfect for creating a family-friendly fright in your neighborhood. Stake the headstones and skeleton pieces in your lawn and set up a perimeter with the accompanying fencing.

Add a bit of creepy-crawly fun with the faux spider webs and black plastic spiders. Spooktacular Set Whether youre looking for easy or elaborate, this 18 Piece Spooky Cemetery Kit can help you put together a spooktacular Halloween display!

Keep the kit paired down for a family-friendly look. Or add the classic graveyard pieces to a grander display to send a chill through the neighborhood!


3 Piece Light Up Clown Head Stakes with Sound & Moving Mouth Decoration

A Ghastly Grin Have you ever been walking along, minding your own business, and suddenly get a strange feeling that you're being watched? Most of the time, it's just your imagination, but sometimes you turn around and see that a trio of crazy-looking clowns have you in their glowing gazes.

Product Details Spook your friends and neighbors by decorating with these 3 Piece Light Up Clown Head Stakes with Sound & Movement! the creepy clown head have glowing red eyes and mouths that move as they say a variety of pre-recorded phrases.


4 FT Alpaca Inflatable Decoration

This Isn't South America..

. Alpaca over here is a little confused.

She must have taken a wrong turn through a mountain pass and missed her exit, because instead of the usual landscape, he's seeing snowdrifts, elves, and a sign that reads "Welcome to the North Pole." What luck - she's always wanted to visit Santa's workshop and experience a white Christmas!

Product Details Have the cutest and most original decoration on the block thanks to this exclusive 4 Foot Inflatable Alpaca Decoration! Made of sturdy polyester, the piece is designed to look like a smiling white alpaca wearing a Santa hat and a green scarf.

It comes with an attached fan to keep it fully inflated as long as it's plugged into an outlet. Won't You Guide My Sleigh Tonight?

If a reindeer can pull St. Nick's sleigh through the sky, why not an alpaca?

Maybe her big chance will come some holiday when Rudolph needs a vacation. The llama doesn't have a glowing red nose, but she does have an extra long neck that helps her see farther than most and spot obstacles in the sky.

No one wants Christmas to be delayed because Santa ran into a mountain.


72 inch Black Winged Gruesome Greeter

A lot of popular and constantly busy big box stores have now installed greeters at their doors. It's a nice little thing to do, makes it all a little more folksy and quaint but, as a Halloween company, we think these greeters just aren't scary enough.

Maybe you're with us on this..

. a greeting can be friendly, but wouldn't it be better, especially in October, to be scary?

This Gruesome Greeter has an apt name and will conjure up plenty of screams in trick or treaters, and possibly the mail carrier. While we don't expect to see these at the grocery store anytime soon, your house can be much different, much spookier with this unique skeleton decor.


Finally Lost That Weight Tombstone Decoration

This is aFinally Lost That Weight Tombstone.

Hanging Prisoner Skeleton Light Up Decoration

Only 546 Years Left to Go In this corner of the jail lurks an especially dangerous prisoner. His crime was so bad, that he got several life sentances.


and he doesn't get to leave until he serves them all! True, he died several years ago, but his spirit seems to be hanging around, so it's only right that it does the time.

Product Details You'll be sentanced to having really awesome decorations when you set up this Light Up Hanging Prisoner Skeleton! The faux skeleton is dressed in a ragged prison outfit with an attached ball and chain.