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Flamingolf Flamingo Golf Club Set

SUDDEN RULE CHANGE IN WONDERLAND That dastardly Queen of Hearts will doanything to secure a victory. From screaming, "Off with their heads!

" whenever you're starting to win to chasing hedgehogs off the field, she's such a..

. er.


great player! (We can't call her a cheater since she might be listening!

) Looks like she's gone up and changed the whole game, this time! Gone are the days of croquet, so you're going to have to get to practicing and learn how to play the new game of Wonderland before it is time for your trial by game.

PRODUCT DETAILS Fortunately, we've got an advanced set of the game, so you're good to go with this "Flamingolf" game set! It includes a plastic flamingo putter, two plastic balls, and a pink flagged putter hole.

You'll have a great time with your family, playing this twisted game of golf in your backyard or the park. Bring your own Cheshire cat along to join the fun!

SECURE YOUR INNOCENCE We're not saying that games arealways the way to resolve guilt or innocence in a governing system, but there are places that it can be pretty useful. You can use the tactic with your kiddos to get them to clean their room.

Just make sure you get some night practice in. You wouldn't want to lose!