Penguin Costumes

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Playful Penguin Infant Costume

Are you already ready to give your newborn their first costume? How about letting them try out being another species?

Your baby will be cozy and cute in this infant Playful Penguin costume. With head to toe style in this romper costume, they'll be dapper, dashing, and of course, they'll be 100% penguin-ey!

One of our favorite things about these birds of the Antarctic is that their signature feather pattern is strikingly similar to one of the most iconic human looks, the tuxedo! This light hearted costume takes that idea and runs with it by adding a top hat and bow tie.

All polyester fabric with polyurethane foam inserts provide just the right feel to this chill look; and with a plush beak, flipper footies, and a comfy flip up hood with character details, your infant will be able to instantly become a delightful high society animal! And the Hook and Loop fastener attachments and snap together bottom means you'll be able to complete their penguin transformation with ease.

With this fun look they'll be equally equipped to attend a high society function, or to take a swim with their new friends in the southern hemisphere. But if you just want to keep your little one close at hand to show off your new Playful Penguin, well, that's just fine too!

(Who wouldn't want an adorable Penguin to chill with??


Plus Size Penguin Costume

Penguins are the best-dressed animal in the entire animal kingdom. We should all be so lucky tobe born in a black and white tuxedo!

No, instead we hav to go out and BUY a tuxedo when some big party comes around. Or instead, you could just wear this penguin costume and say you misunderstood the invitation.

That sounds way more fun to us, but then again we're a costume company! Your mileage may vary with how well this costume goes over at a fancy party.

But since you're here and you're looking for an awesome costume, let us try and pitch this penguin costume. First, it looks exactly like a penguin, which is really what you want out of a costume like this.

It's got a big white front and black on top with these flipper sleeves. The headpiece lets your true face shine through while also giving you a cute penguin face on top of your old noggin.

See, this penguin is not only good looking, he's also innovative. Where should you wear such a COOL costume?

Well, the Arctic would make sense and while this thing is pretty comfortable we don't know if it would stand up to that much cold. No, we're sticking with our original idea and say that this thing would be perfect for a black-tie affair in Hollywood, or that kind of thing.


. is there anything they can't do?