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12 Orange Decorative Halloween Pillow with Black and White Embroidery

Sleep Spooky What is better than a nice and comfy pillow? A cute, nice and cozy Halloween pillow, that's what!

We know if you are a Halloween fan you will scream for our12 Inch Orange Halloween Pillow with Black and White Embroidery. The embroidered details show the word Spooky written out in black and white with black webs and a black spider dangling in the corner orange throw pillow.

There are also little black frillies along the edge of this Halloween throw pillow. If you are in the need of some cute Halloween decor, then you have to pick up our12 Inch Orange Halloween Pillow with Black and White Embroidery.


14 Black Velvet Pillow with Chain Web and Beaded Spider

Woven with Love Spiders indeed are master decorators. Wherever they spin their web, it looks entirely natural.

Meanwhile, deciding where to hang your new art print has you questioning every square inch of bare wall space. Not only is their cavalier web-slinging incredible, but it comes with magic!

Stretched between flowering bushes, it sparkles with dew and morning sunlightan enchanting sight! And though you'd prefer not to find a shadowy web nestled in the corner of your living room, the grey it creates looks lovely.

Being able to effortlessly accomplish the same cozy feeling whenever you go to decorate would be a wish come true! Product Details Recruit one or more adept interior designers to your cause when you purchase this Black Spider Pillow!

The decorative pillow promises to add both glitz and appropriate Halloween season gloom to your space! Inky black velvet wraps around a 14-inch by 10-inch pillow form, providing a bit of vintage comfort to any room.

Meanwhile, a spiderweb shaped from gunmetal-toned chaining is appliqued to the front. A glittering glass, metal, and faux pearl-beaded spider rests atop the low-shine web.

Thoughtfully nestled among curated Halloween decorations or casually thrown in with existing cushions, this unique pillow is sure to look as lovingly placed as a spider's cozy home!

18 Tan Rectangle Decorative Halloween Pillow with Beaded Skeletons

Boogie Time Have you never heard of the Skeleton Ball? On every All Hallows Eve, all sorts of witches and ghosts, goblins, zombies and ghouls emerge from their lairs and crypts and come one and all to a very special gathering under the cloud-swept moon.

It's their one evening to mix and mingle, enjoying spider punch, pumpkin turnovers, and the chance to spook the odd passer-by. At the end of the evening, the skeletons show off their dance moves.

They might be dead, but they supply their own percussion section! Product Details You'll feel like dancing yourself when you display this Tan Rectangle 18" Halloween Pillow with Beaded Skeletons!

The polyester pillow displays a scene of happy, bony figures embroidered with beads, in various shades of gray and black. They'll make your October festive!


18-Inch Orange Square Beaded BOO Pillow with Spiders

EEEEK! If someone sprang out at you from a dark doorway and shouted "BOO" in your face, you'd probably jump a few feet.

But although this pillow tries really hard to scare you with its big block letters, it's just too cute to do the job. This 18 Inch Orange Square Beaded BOO Pillow with Spiders is a sweet addition to your spooky style.

A square pillow fits inside a zippered orange cotton canvas pillowcase decorated with black piping, the word "Boo!" and five beaded spiders dangling from embroidered spiderwebs.


19 Inch Welcome My Pretties Embroidered Pillow

Stop By for a Spell We're long past those Salem days when witches were *cough* not exactly treated with friendliness. Nowadays, magic-makers are encouraged (as long as they don't turn anyone into a frog).

Let everyone know that witches are encouraged to stop by your lair this Halloween! Product Details Give your fellow enchantresses a warm greeting when you decorate with this adorable pillow!

The nineteen-inch rectangular pillow is covered with a white polyester pillowcase with a zipper along the lower edge. The front of the pillowcase is embroidered with the words "Welcome my Pretties" in black and gold.

The word "my" is designed to look like a stylized broomstick with raffia bristles.


20-Inch Fabric Happy Halloween Decoration Pillow

Alternative Halloween Plans Your idea of a perfect Halloween includes a darkened living room, too many spooky movies, and a bucket full of candy that you dont have to share with costume-wearing children. As far as alternative Halloween plans go, were in full support of your personal brand!

It sounds super cozy even with the jump-scares every horror-flick probably offers. And wed never fault someone for wanting to keep all their favorite candies for themselves.

Theres nothing scarier than only having grape-flavored lollipops left after the trick-or-treaters have gotten their fill. The only thing we suggestbecause Halloween just isnt the same without itis a hint of costuming for your evening.

Product Details Dont want to wear a costume while you enjoy your night in? Dress up your space for your cozy Halloween with this 20-inch Fabric Happy Halloween Pillow!

The plush decorative pillow features a playful polka dots pattern and Happy Halloween logo against an inky black velour fabric thats sure to get your couch, bed, or favorite overstuffed chair looking ready for the holidays instead! Dress Up Your Space Whether youre spending your Halloween at a party, trick-or-treating with your kiddos, or cuddling on the couch with a few too many scary movies and snacks, this decorative pillow is the perfect addition to your dcor.

So, dress your living room for spooky season and enjoy a very Happy Halloween!