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Bone Color Hanging Skull Planter

Home Sweet Home A house isn't a home until its owner adds those charming touches that give it character and warmth. A big antique cookie jar brimming with treats is a great choice.

Maybe a favorite blanket thrown across the couch..

.a tall heirloom candlestick.


a houseplant cheerfully growing out of a former enemy's skull. All solid options!

Product Details Welcome visitors with the sight of this Hanging Bone Color Skull Planter! The skull-shaped planter has a large cavity perfect for housing a plant, and can be suspended with the included cord hanger.


Gold Color Hanging Skull Planter

The Witch's Interior Decorator What a nice new home you've got! It has so much potential, but it's clear that the former owners didn't have much vision.

What's this? Shiplap and dried flowers?

Ugh. It's so.



You definitely need a change. I'm thinking lots of jars of preserved organs, and maybe a gold-painted skeleton or two.

Product Details Any witch would be proud to display this Hanging Gold Color Skull Planter in their home! The skull-shaped pot has an ample space for a plant and can be suspended via the included cord hanger.


Jason Mask Ceramic Planter Decoration

I Always Feel Like..

.Somebody's Watching Me.



You know what's so creepy about the villains in horror movies? Yes, the fact that they stab people a lot - that's a given.

But the other creepy thing is that how they ALWAYS seem to be watching their intended victims! How do they know when they're using the bathroom?

Alone in the woods, gathering firewood? Getting frisky with their significant other?

How can they have all of this information? They must be hiding in plain sight.

This Ceramic Jason Mask Large Planter shows you just what a master of disguise he is.


Silver Color Hanging Skull Planter

It's Called "Farmhouse Gore." Thanks for coming!

We're so excited to show off our new place. Our interior decorator just finished and we think that everything looks pretty amazing.

The decorater herself was a little odd. She had unusually sharp teeth and she had a big fight with one of her workers one day, and after that we never saw him again.

But we still feel his presence..

. Product Details Set a new style with this Hanging Silver Color Skull Planter!

The skull-shaped planter has a wide opening for a plant and can be suspended via the included cord hanger.