Poe Dameron

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Star Wars The Last Jedi Deluxe Poe Dameron Costume for Men

Poe Dameron has it all. Lets just count all the reasons why Poe has it going on: His piloting skills are second to none.

His best friend is the most adorable droid in the entire Star Wars universe. Hes a pretty darn good shot with a blaster.

(Pew! Pew!

Pew!) He has a freakin awesome X-Wing with a cool paint job.

(Cooler that Lukes, for sure.) He has dashing good looks and looks suspiciously like Oscar Isaac.

(Whats that all about?) Hes totally heroic, despite not have super Force powers, like Rey does.

His style sense is on point. Look his choice in jackets for Yodas sake!

He has a quippy comment for any situation, much to the chagrin of Kylo Ren. He found the map to Luke Skywalkers location.

Without his diligent work, The Last Jedi could never have existed. Did we mention his great style sense already?

Well, lets mention it again. Yes, Poe Dameron is the kind of man that all guys sort of wish they could be, but since most of us werent born in a galaxy far, far away, we dont get too many opportunities to be like him.

The good news is that this Poe Dameron costume should help you become him with relative ease. This licensed Star Wars costume might not come with courage, a sharp tongue or some of those other things that make Poe so awesome.

It DOES, however, come with a jacket and pant set that recreates his debonair style from The Last Jedi. That means all you have to do is put it on, work on your witty comebacks and piloting skills, and then youre good to go!