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Deluxe Predator Mask

There's something out there waiting for us..

.and it ain't no man.

Do you sometimes go out into the woods, and hunt for sport? Are the animals you hunt intelligent?

Do they fight back? Are you from another planet?

Some kind of intergalactic big game hunter? Did you try to hunt Arnold Schwarzenegger in 1987 through a Central American jungle?

If so, you might just be a Predator. Get this Deluxe Predator Mask, and make it official.

Become what we already know you are. Use your stealth technology to hunt your human pray.

Tease them a little, make those humans think they've beaten you. Then catch them with your laser nets.

Come at them with your Plasma Caster cannon. Just what ever you do, don't let them "Get to da choppa!