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Evil Gremlin Prop Puppet

FROM MOGWAI TO MONSTER At one point, the bat-eared beast staring back at you was a fluffy, little critter who looked so cuddly, you wished reaching inside your TV and giving him a hug was a possibility. Now, look at him not so cuddly anymore!

His red eyes look able to peer into the soul and those jagged teeth look sharp enough to dig into human flesh. How scary, yet we're intrigued by the little monster.

Luckily, the evil Gremlin puppet prop offersfans the ability to get their hands on the scary little creature without experiencing any of the accompanying dangers, like losing a finger or two. The evil Gremlin puppet prop brings one of the gang's most sinister to life.

The puppet depicts Spike, the most nefarious of the Gremlins. Amazingly lifelike and meticulously detailed, this puppet is the closest you'll ever come to owning a monstrousMogwai.

PRODUCT DETAILS Brought to you by Trick or Treat Studios and Warner Bros., the Evil Gremlin puppet prop is officially licensed and modeled after an original Gremlin form to recreate every bump, spike and fold.

The puppet's height is approximately 28-inches tall and all puppeteering is done from a hole in the back which moves the head and mouth. GREMLINS GALORE Love the evil Gremlin puppet?

Put on a live-action version of the movie by picking up the Gremlins Gizmo hand puppet too.


Evil Stripe Gremlins Puppet

Scary and Striped If you saw Gremlins as a child, it was probably pretty scary to you. Did you know that its a PG movie?

After receiving criticism for some of its more violent scenes (think gremlins in a blender), it was part of the reason that the PG-13 rating was invented. As the special effects have aged, its become a little less frightening, but its still not quite a movie for young children.

And as weve aged, we relate to the gremlins a little bit more. We used to be cute, but now we have less hair and our skin is a little drier.

Being out in the sun isnt our favorite thing all the time, and if we eat after midnight, we feel pretty cranky too. However, it doesnt drive us into murderous rampages (so far).

Product Details If you have a new generation of kids to scare or you just want to relive some nostalgia, check out this Evil Stripe Puppet from Gremlins. Its about 24 inches tall, perfect for jumping out from behind furniture and fitting in the microwave.

Or if youd like to play out a face-off scene, grab one of our Gizmo puppets, masks, or costumes so the good guys can win! With you in control, Stripe will be defeated once and for all (we hope)!


Flasher Gremlins Puppet

The Gremlin Whisperer You've no doubt heard about the adorable Mogwai critter. They're fuzzy and smart.

They are sweet and curious. Everyone wants one!

Unless, of course, you're a late-night kind of person. In that case, you should definitely stick to the cats.

The whole don't get 'em wet and watch out for those late-night snacks are rules that are pretty tough to follow for the rest of us. Then again, if you can handle a few gremlins around the house, you don't have anything to worry about!

With that in mind, maybe it is best to get your hands on them one at a time! Learn how to get them to behave and you could become the very first gremlin whisperer!

Product Details Before you dive in with the actual beasties, try hanging out with this officially licensed Puppet Gremlins Flasher. This little guy is almost life-size, standing over two feet tall and looking full of mischief with his polyester trenchcoat.

Sunglasses at the ready, he's sure to bring folks a ton of smiles..

. (when he's under your control, anyway)!

So, get your Gremlins on and celebrate the spooky, goofy fun of everyone's favorite creepy critters.


Gremlins Gizmo Hand Puppet

If one of these cute little balls of fur showed up on our door, we definitely would not say no to taking care of them. Even though we are well aware of their side effects, we would still take them into our home and call them our loving pets.

We would just have to make sure that we never everleave any food out, especially after midnight. That may be a little hard though since we love gobbling up midnight snacks!

On second thought, we don't think we would accept ownership of this cute (but high-maintenance) pet. Being the responsible owners that this needy creature needs isn't really doable for us at the moment, so we found an easier alternative.

The Gizmo hand puppet looks exactly like the adorable Gremlins that many fawn over (ourselves included). Just put your hand inside and watch the wide-eyed critter spring to life!

Plus, you can eat as many chicken wings as you want late at night without anything strange happening.

Gremlins Striped Hand Puppet

Beware the Big-Eared Cutie It looks so sweet and harmless, doesn't it? Kind of like a Muppet crossed with a Chihuahua.

But beware! This little guy is capable of wreaking terrible havoc on the sleepy town of Kingston Falls.

Just promise us this: Never try to give it a bath - actually, just never let it near water - and please don't feed it after midnight no matter how hangry it gets. This officially licensed Gremlins Striped Puppet Accessory depicts the fiercestmogwai in all of his adorableness before he transforms into a creepy reptilian gremlin.