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Apple Purse with Rhinestones

We would tell you to go ahead and take a bite, but we don't think sparkly fabric tastes very good..

. Don't worry, this enticing apple isn't filled with deadly poison.

Instead, it could be filled with all your must-have essentials like your cell phone, keys, wallet, and lipstick. Sure, you could keep a vial of poison inside this handy cross-body bag, but why do that?

Your whole aura is intoxicating enough and you are not the kind of gal who resorts to poisoning her enemies. All you have to do is sashay past the haters with your impeccable fashion sense, toting this rhinestone apple purse on your arm, and you'll leave the cynics spellbound!

Bursting with a glossy shimmering red fabric, this sturdy purse features a long golden chain and a rhinestone clasp which twinkles and glistens in the light. Just incorporate this juicy accessory into your costume and you'll look enchanting and mysteriously alluring all night long!


Bat Studded Quilted Faux Patent Heart Purse

Vamp It Up Vampires have a great sense of style. It's no wonder that the term "vamp" became popular many years ago for someone who had a flair for dramatic and delightful dress!

Maybe you're a real vampire or maybe you're not (and we wouldn't tell anyway), but either way, you still need a statement handbag to showcase your style. Product Details Highlight your gothic sense of flair when you carry your Bat Studded Quilted Faux Patent Heart Purse!

The heart-shaped handbag comes with a length-adjustable strap that allows you to wear it at your preferred height. It's criss-crossed with quilt-style stitchwork and accented with tiny bat-shaped metal studs.

A zippered closure opens to reveal inner pockets lined with spiderweb-printed fabric. Batty for You Bigger, bolder, better, batty-er: That should be a fashion motto!

Someone let Coco Chanel know that her little black dress recommendation is going to be updated to "littlebat dress." It'll match this purse!


Cakeworthy Mickey Halloween Pumpkin Bucket Purse

Mickey, Incognito The world's most famous mouse loves nothing more than a good party! He can't bear to be left behind from one, so he's come up with a genius plan to accompany you undetected: He's dressed himself up as a pumpkin!

Please don't let on that you've seen through his disguise. He's so proud of his clever costume.

Product Details This officially licensed Cakeworthy Mickey Pumpkin Halloween Bucket Purse is just what you need to give any outfit some holiday flair! The circular orange faux leather purse has a domed top decorated with same-material ears and a green stem detail.

The front is printed with black graphics of Mickey's smiling face, and the included strap is length-adjustable. Mickey o' Lantern Regular pumpkins are amazing for Halloween, but this Mickey-inspired pumpkin purse reaches new heights of perfection!

Use it to store your keys, wallet, lip balm, and other necessities. Don't forget to add a few pieces of Halloween candy in case you get peckish.


Danielle Nicole Slytherin Harry Potter Clutch

Snake Your Claim Looking for the perfect place to stash your essentials this Halloween? Seeking out a satchel that will go with your Slytherin costume?

Or perhaps you're just a huge fan of Hogwarts! Either way, this Danielle Nicole Harry Potter Slytherin Clutch will prove, well, clutch for a greatnight on the town!

Halloween parties, trick-or-treating, even karaoke at your favorite barthis purse can make every occasion even more magical. Don't believe us?

Go ahead and stash your phone and keys inside and hit the town. Once you drape its chain strap over your shoulder, you'll practically be speaking Parseltongue!

Product Details This is an officially-licensed bag, born from the elite lineage of designer Danielle Nicole and the world of Harry Potter! What could be better?

It's a cute envelope clutch decorated like a Hogwarts Slytherin uniform, complete with a shiny emerald lapel, black "robe," green and silver striped tie, and house crest! Inside the bag features a snap closure, card slots, and a chain strap.

Leave Your Mark At the end of the day, each witch or wizard has to decide the legacy they want to leave behind for the Slytherins who will follow in their footsteps. So what'll it be?

You may not have everything planned out, yet, but at least you can leave this Halloween having everyone know just how stylish you are!

Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Purse

Grin and Wear It Halloween is all about gore, goop, and gravestones: Moaning, rotting zombies, cackling mossy-toothed witches and all that jazz. The Day of the Dead takes something creepy and turns it into something gorgeous!

Just take the famous sugar skulls for example. It might be shaped like a bone, but it looks both good enough to eat and beautiful enough to keep forever.

Product Details Celebrate the Day of the Dead with this sweet Sugar Skull Print Purse! The skull-shaped purse has an adjustable shoulder strap attached to metallic D-rings one either side of the top zippered closure.

A smiling sugar skull is printed on the purse's front panel in gorgeous shades of aqua, yellow, and red. Flower details really make the purse pop!

So Sweet Sugar skulls aren't just for eating anymore. Now you can wear them to commemorate an amazing cultural holiday!

It's so cute that you might not want to wait till November 2nd to wear it.


Disco Ball Women's Purse

Disco Diva You know the best thing about this Disco Ball Purse? While it's great for your 70s-themed costume, it's also a cute accessory to tote around any time.

Really, who doesn't love disco balls? In fact, they are so much fun, we're not really sure why they ever went out of style, to begin with.

Regardless, adding this eye-catching and on-theme purse to your psychedelic-print dress or jive-worthy jumpsuit will solidify your place as thebelle of the disco ball (sorry, we can't help ourselves sometimes). Another great aspect of this bright little bag is how it tends to make any spot you're standing into an instant dance floor upon which you can (and should) groove!

We dig it! Design & Details This clever orb zips along its middle to hold all of your essentials and shines its retro, reflective vibes everywhere you take it.

Decorated to look like a classic disco ball, this bag has a silver-gray wrist strap and plenty of attitude to add to your look! Shimmer & Shine Of course, some purses may be cumbersome or out of place on the dance floor, but this one fits right in and becomes part of the decor.

We told you you'd want to take this tote everywherea little extra sparkle in life never hurts!