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80s Blonde Rock Mullet Wig for Men

Hey dude, real men do their business in the front and their partying in the backand it's about time you get on board. As were sure you know, the mullet was the hottest mens hairstyle to emerge during the 80sand if you were one of the cool kids, you had one.

Who knows why they turned out to be one of the most talked and joked about hairstyles in eternitymaybe its because there was a bit of mullet envy involved. After all, if you had a mullet in the 80s, you looked like the most revered rockers of the time, and they attracted all of the girls, girls, girls.

You can relive your glory daze or become that righteous mullet-haired god youve always wanted to be. The perk of this 80s Blonde Rock Mullet Wig is that you dont have to endure a moment of embarrassment while growing your own hair out.

Wear this mullet wig with pride. Youll look totally rad.

Rock on!

80s Rocker Adult Wig

Do you have what it takes to be a 80s rocker? To rock and roll all night and party every day?

Find out now with our official quiz! 1.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you want to rock and roll all night? 2.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you want to party every day? 3.

Is the year currently 1980, 1981, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, or 1989? If you answered eleven to the first two questions, you definitely have what it takes to be an 80s rocker.

Your answer to the third question doesnt matter, because as long as rock is alive and well, the 80s will never die. In fact, scientists predict that the 80s are actually going to come back in just 63 years!

Wow! This wig is guaranteed to make you totally metal (figuratively).

Whether you can sing or play an instrument doesnt matter when you look this good. Also works for Tim Burton movie protagonists!


Adult Guitar Superstar Costume Hat with Hair

Becoming a famous rock star is on the top of the list of many of our ambitions. All we need is the perfect looka solid rocker jacket, the right slacks or shorts, an epic guitar, of course.

Musical talent helps, of course, but one needs to figure those careful details out as soon as possible. Once youve got the basic look down, you need to ensure that you have a unique and stylish do, though!

When your fans get up close and personal, they need to know that theyre looking in the eyes of a star! We can help that process along splendidly with this Guitar Superstar Hat w/ Hair.

Prove that youre the best shredder out there with this black polyester and cotton blend top hat with three massive metal buckles that only begin to show how hardcore you can get. The wavy black locks are attached under the brim of the hat and fall well beyond your shoulder, making you fully ready to do some serious head-banging.

And, just in case you need to stow all your worldly wealth, the interior secret pocket will do you just fine! Next step is just showing up to your epic concert and laying waste to your competition.

Oh, and maybe that musical talent, too

FX Rock Star Tattoo Kit

Punkish Persona When you're a true rock star, you gotta lean into the lifestyle. No more heading to bed at 10:00 after watching Masterpiece Theater.

Well, you can watch your historical fiction if need be but you better be ready to tell your co-stars that you're watching it ironically. And to make up for watching Jane Eyre you'd better head out to the stage with extra attitude that night.

Your hair had better be greasy, your eyeliner smudged, and jeans had better be torn. Want to make sure your friends think you're a moody, broody rocker?

Polish your look off with this Rock Star temporary tattoo kit! Product Details This lovely kit features 12 tattoos drawn in a classic Americana style.

You'll love the variation from the flaming guitar to lovely little star accents. Use these tattoos to create a sleeve tattoo or ramp up your dark makeup by adding the little stars next to your eyes as is pictured here.

tour Time Are you ready to amp up your look? Pair these tattoos with any of our rocker costumes to make a real impact.

From wild wigs to fishnet fingerless gloves, customize your rockstar look to suit your style. You can be sure your tattoos are sure to bring down the house.


Posh Power Wig

Hairstyles are like magical time machines that you can carry around attached to your head, and can instantly zap people down memory lane! A fabulous do might send someone back to their glory days in high school, or maybe even remind them of a particularly embarrassing fashion period during their lives.

The iconic haircuts of a decade vary as much as their music, movies, and other fashion trends, and many were just as memorable. So, pop your favorite girl power album into the CD player, and set your hairdo time machine to the wicked 90's with this Posh Power Wig!

This wig is in the short, sassy style that was all the rage in the mid 90's, and it looks positively smashing in both formal and casual outfits. You can wear it with any mod or chic style costumes, or get a few of your friends together, and form the next big pop group to take the world by storm!


Purple Rock Legend Wig for Men

Hair! If you want to be a rock and roll legend.

You need it. Not just any kind.

Jet black, like the color of licorice candy, strong, yet sweetly enticing, with a chic sheen that can imbue a man with the kind of confidence that will shake the world. Curls.

The kind of curls that bounce like a fox, frolicking through an open field to weave an aura of musical magnificence around your very soul. We're talking serious, mother-loving, hair.

You dig?This Purple Rock Legend wig is the answer to your prayers.

It's got style. It's got attitude.

It's got the kind of curls and sheen that will make a dove break out into tears. It's exactly that epic.

So, put it on, grab your Telecaster and put your purple suit on. It's time to give the world the performance they'll never forget, with hair that will leave them craving an encore.

Will you give it to them? That's entirely up to you.