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35 Inch Animated Bat

Into the Night Summer nights are great and all but there's something exciting and dangerous about autumn evenings! The rattle of the dried leaves and the bite to the air have you thinking that anything could happen.

Take a walk around your neighborhood and you just might see a ghost drifting through the trees or a monster lurking in someone's bushes. Sure, that might be the neighbor's Halloween decorations but it's exciting all the same!

This Halloween, pay tribute to the night itself with a creature that truly owns the darkness. That's right, the bat!

Soaring through the inky blackness, this is the perfect animal to capture how you feel about this, the spookiest of seasons! Product Details With a wingspan that's just under three feet wide, this bat makes an impact on any Halloween display.

Running on batteries, the bat is sure to have your visitors talking (or shrieking). You can easily hang this creature from a porch, tree, or even inside!

Just be sure to let everyone know that this particular bat's bark is worse than its bite. So they don't have to worry about rabies or vampires at your Halloween party.

Bring the spooky night to your door when you purchase this bat decoration for this Halloween's festivities!

Bag of Mice

Radiant Rodents Mice are pretty cute if you think about it. There's something intelligent in their beady little eyes.

Something in their uplifted whiskers that hint that they might know something we don't know. That cuteness might be there but it doesn't apply when there is a horde of mice gathering around your feet.

That's not cute. That's just horrible.

Whether you find rodents of all sorts charming or you're horrified by any uninvited visitor that might skitter across your floor, you're sure to have fun with the "gross" factor of this sack of mice! Product Details This bag features gray mice that are about three-inches-long.

They're far from the charming field mouse with far rubber fur and pale tails making them perfect for Halloween displays as well as practical jokes. There's nothing like setting out a macabre candlelight feast with mice scattered about as unnerving centerpieces!

Maintaining that Eek! Factor Horrifying visitors isn't only about the supernatural, you've got to mix in some nature-orientedfear into your decor for the ghoul skeptics out there.

That's why your spider-webbed corners and mousescattered tabletops are so important, it's a spook factor that anyone can shriek at. So go ahead and embrace a grimy look, that time of year is coming up again!


Bag Of Rats

We talk about how we're a Halloween company a lot. Sure it's our favorite holiday by far, but we love basically any reason to celebrate!

Birthdays are an excellent example of that. We love to have a great time anytime someone's birthday rolls around in the office or warehouse, because we know we love it when people celebrate our own.

When it comes to presents we also know there's nothing else we'd rather have than a giant bag of red-eyed, wriggling, pink-tailed rats! Alright, so that was a horrendous example of how well we diversify.

We're pretty sure most of your friends and family will not want to open a present to find nine rubber tails squirming around right in front of their faces! Maybe we should just leave this one to the Halloween festivities, and recommend you hanging one of these up right inside your door.

This way, it will swing out at people who walk in and give them a good scare! Again this is definitely a prank for Halloween.