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American Duchess Wig for Women

A Princess in the Making It's like a fairy tale come to life! Girl meets boy.

Boy turns out to be a (distant-ish) heir to the throne of a country. Girl decides that the constant paparazzi attention is worth it for the chance of the happily ever after.

It helps that her hair is always awesome, just like a born princess's! Product Details Live your royal dreams while wearing this Women's American Duchess Wig!

A comfy mesh wig cap with an elastic edge is covered with dark brown synthetic hair. It comes styled in a center part with long, face-framing waves.

Use non-heated tools to style it further, if desired. Worthy of a Duchess Better practice your official parade wave!

Once this wig is on your head, you'll probably have people telling you that you remind them of someone very famous and influential. It's up to you if you want to use your look-alike status to get special treatment.


Brown Regency Wig for Men

It's Actually Genius Except for the whole "no indoor plumbing" thing, the 19th Century had some pretty cool innovations. Imagine this: You were partying hard last night, but now you have to go to brunch with some rich relatives.

You should probably do something about your hair, but don't have the time or energy. Instead, you throw on a wig that looks pretty close to your real hair!

Super smart - and Regency gentlemen did it all the time. Product Details Say hello to nobility-worthy hair without the struggle of styling it when you wear this Men's Brown Regency Wig!

Dashing waves of dark brown synthetic hair are carefully styled and attached to a comfortable mesh wig cap that has a snug edge. Attached brown sideburns made of the same shade of synthetic hair lie flat against your cheeks for a realistic look.

The wig can be touched up with non-heated tools. Historical Hot Guy Be historically accurate in more ways than one!

None of the pretty debutantes you flirt with have to know the secret of your amazing locks.


Debutante Women's Wig

Off to the Ball The Season is so packed with festivities! Today alone, you have a promenade in Hyde Park, a tea with your five best friends, and the Duke's ball this evening.

With so many engagements, how on earth will you have time to do your hair? You could either wear an unflattering cap over your curlers during the day, or you could just slip on a realistic (and gorgeous) wig.

We know which option we'd pick! Product Details Leave a stunning impression on all the eligible gentlemen when you wear this Debutante Wig for Women!

Coppery-red synthetic hair is carefully styled into many tight ringlets over the forehead and ears, as well as one long, thick ringlet that can be draped over one shoulder. The hairdo conceals a comfortable mesh wig cap with a fitted edge.

Impress the Ton This look isallthe rage in London right now amongst the debutantes. It'll probably inspire your next suitor to propose faster than you can say, "how do you do?


Duchess Women's Wig

So Many Parties, So Little Time Life as a duchess is all about keeping up appearances. Everyone wants you to attend their next ball, or sailing party, or masquerade to make it a surefire success, and you're so kindhearted that you want come to as many as you can.

That puts a bit of a strain on your hairdresser, who has to be on call to curl, tease, and pin your locks into perfection - unless you can come up with a shortcut! Product Details Dance with all of the nobility and charm the Duke in this Duchess Wig for Women!

A comfortable mesh wig cap with a fitted edge is covered with golden synthetic hair. It comes pre-styled into a half-up, half-down hairdo of tight ringlets, with short bangs across your forehead.

The Talk of the Season You're the most fashionable and popular member of the Ton, which means that everyone will be looking at you to set the style for the year! Fortunately, you're already prepared with an amazing hairdo.


Men's Royal King Costume Hat

We all have expectations. Don't leave the nasty dirty smelling sponge in the sink for me to clean up.

Please. Please.

Don't leave the toilet roll empty. Just replace it.

Don't let your dog poop on my nicely manicured lawn. If it does happen, clean it up.

Why do they leave a tablespoon of milk in the carton? Just use the last of it, that way we know we to buy more.

We know it can be frustrating being the king of your castle. Between the kids and the spouse, it is difficult to find things when you need them.

At the same time, it is way too easy to find the LEGOs that have become embedded in the carpet, with your feet. We can't get your kids to start replacing the toilet roll or stop leaving smelly sponges in the sink, but we can let everyone know that you are the king of the castle with this Royal King Hat!

Just keep watching out for Fido's land mines on the lawn!

Plush Costume Crown for Women

Royal Pains If people looked at royal history, like really look at it, no one would ever want to be a princess or prince. Until you were sitting on the throne, life was rough for the higher-up people in court.

Princesses were used as leverage, sent to random countries to ensure peace or trade. Far from the fairy tales we were told as kids, royal couples often didn't even speak the same language, much less gallop into the sunset on the same horse together.

Watched like hawks to make sure they spoke to the right people and behaved well on all levels, future kings and queens suffered for decades before reaching the throne. Wait, don't get us wrong.

We get why you'd want to dress like a royal! You no longer have to get traded and spied on to dress in royal finery.

Wear the crown without any fear of losing it to a rebellion when you purchase it from the world wide web. The head that wears the crown no longer has to be so heavy!

Product Details This velvet crown will make you look like a queen that's straight out of a fairy tale, rather than the nightmare of actual history. The fabulous crimson fabric is trimmed with a lightweight gold crown.

Pair this with any number of our fabulous gowns and you'll be ready to take the throne!