Salt & Pepper Shakers

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Black Cats Salt & Pepper Shaker Set

The Laws of Luck Here's a very important question for you. Black cats have traditionally been considered bad luck - almost as bad as walking under a ladder.

Salt, however is considered good luck, especially if you throw it over your shoulder. Both things considered, would this Black Cat Salt and Pepper Shaker Set be considered neutral luck or good luck, since it combines the two things?

The answer is simpler than you might think. It's considered good luck because it's sooooooo cute!

Add them to your table around Halloween or any time of the year.


Day of the Dead Salt and Pepper Shaker Set

Not Forgotten The Day of the Dead reminds us that our departed loved ones aren't gone for good. They're waiting to rejoin us on the other side, and in the meantime they're happy to visit!

Let them know that they're welcome back anytime with colorful accessories inspired by a traditional holiday. Product Details This Salt & Pepper Day of the Dead Shaker Set is a fun way to spice up your celebrations!

The pink and yellow skull-shaped shakers are decorated in the style of sugar skulls with colorful floral patterns and dots. o


Johanna Parker Vintage Pumpkin Salt and Pepper Shaker Set

Pick of the Patch When Halloween rolls around, there's no such thing as having too many pumpkins! Most of the real varieties have to stay outdoors, but there's no reason why you can't bring the gourds indoors with cute, long-lasting replicas.

Product Details Accent your October decor with this adorable Johanna Parker Salt & Pepper Vintage Pumpkin Shaker Set! Each shaker is designed to look like two orange pumpkins stacked on top of each other, with holes in their ceramic stems for shaking out the seasonings.

Cheerful jack-o-lantern faces and leaf details make them extra sweet.

$14.99 $9.99

Salt and Pepper Ashes to Ashes and Dust to Dust Shakers

Subtle Seasoning Elaborate graveyards set up in neighbors' yards are great. Cackling witches propped on front steps definitely convey the spirit of the season.

And you'd never say "no thanks" to a pumpkin patch size collection of jack-o-lanterns sitting on the lawn. But it's the sense of unease created with subtle changes that get you excited about Halloween decorating.

Slightly loosening the porch lightbulb to ensure it flickers eerily, switching out modern dcor for patinaed antiques, and relabeling the spices with potion ingredients is exactly your style! Product Details Prepare for another season of subtle spookiness with this set of Ashes to Ashes & Dust to Dust Salt and Pepper Shakers.

The classically shaped, white ceramic condiment dispensers stand 3.25-inches tall with a sturdy base measuring 2-inches in diameter.

A flexible plastic plug makes filling, emptying, and cleaning the shakers easier. Meanwhile, if you're debating which number of holes means salt and which means pepper, the black print text can help!

Fill ash to ash with pepper for a peculiar nod to the color and texture of actual ash and give dust to dust a sparkle like pixie dust with crystalline table salt. With these inconspicuous Halloween decorations on your table, dinner guests won't know if they're mixing up a witches' brew or simply seasoning the veggies!


Tombstone Salt and Pepper Shaker

Spice up the Afterlife Lying under a tombstone can get boring after a while. Peace is nice, but overrated.

Helping friendly humans properly season their food sounds like a lot more fun than staying in a quiet graveyard! Product Details Don't let this cute Salt & Pepper Tombstone Shaker set rest in piece - use them to your heart's content!

The seasoning shakers include one black and one white piece. They're both shaped like tombstones and printed with the letters "RIP" and a bat silhouette.

They come with a small gray base platter.


Truck and Tree Salt and Pepper Shaker Set

O Tannenbaum Time Of all the wonderful Christmas traditions, few are as cozy and special as finding the perfect tree with your family and friends, and bringing it home to decorate. Whether you use colored lights and shiny ornaments, or rustic strings of popcorn and paper chains, it's sure to be a beautiful sight!

Product Details Usher in the holiday's nostalgia with this Tree and Truck Salt & Pepper Shaker Set! A snow-detailed ceramic shaker shaped like a fir tree rests on top of a red ceramic truck shaker that's decorated with a snowflake emblem.