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Kids NFL 49ers Uniform Costume

What does a perfect Sunday look like for you? Is it waking up to hot coffee and watching your kids playing a game of pickup football out in the yard with the neighbors?

Maybe the evening includes a big bowl of chili and the whole family piled onto the couch for the big game. One thing is for sure, your kiddos will love suiting up in this NFL 49ers Uniform Costume almost as much as youll love seeing them rock your favorite teams colors!

As you cuddle up on the couch, you can teach your little ones all the rules of the game. And of course, commercial breaks are for them to slip on their helmets and practice their play calls and best moves.

Even better, suit them up and dont tell them where youre going, then surprise them with a visit to Levi Stadium! You loved attending 49er's games with your folks, and this outfit can help capture both your nostalgia and their imagination!

With each and every wear, this outfit will inspire your little fans. The red SF jersey has iron-on numbers, so each kid can pick their favorite player to impersonate on the field.

Let them be part of the dominant defense or scramble for a touchdown--the most important thing is that feel apart of the Niners legacy. Your family is a team--let them know they are the MVPs in this cute and classic football costume!