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Black 20-Inch Poseable Spider Prop

What's so creepy about spiders, after all? They are tiny, some are really furry, and they have eight legs, which totally beats all the four legged animals everyone are always gushing over!

But, for some reason spiders are always typecast as spooky house fixtures and graveyard staples, when really all they want is to hang out and play with the rest of us. Now, GIANT spiders.


yeah. those are freaky!

When you need to boost the creepiness of your decorations, having a few of these Black Poseable Spiders crawling around your walls will add to the chilling ambiance! These giant arachnids must be from a crypt next to a nuclear waste dump, because their legs span about 20 inches in diameter.

That's big enough to where if you try to squish it, it might try to squish you right back! The legs are bendable, and their bodies feature little eyes and fangs, just in case you needed something new to dream about.

They look nice and spooky hanging from a doorway, or in a window, or anywhere you may find spiders! Okay, we guess these big guys are still kinda cute.



Egg Decorating Galaxy Kit

Easter in Space Why has no one ever figured out where the Easter Bunny lives? It's because he doesn't actually live on this planet!

Every year on the spring holiday, he rockets in from his home on Mars and spends the day leaving gifts for all of the Earthlings. Ok, not really.

But it's a cool theory! Product Details Your Easter eggs will be out of this world when you use your Galaxy Egg Decorating Kit!

The set comes with dye, glitter, and materials necessary to create eggs that look as though they are covered in stars.


Giant Lightup Long Hairy Spider

Say goodbye to the friendly neighborhood spider, and say hello to this spooky scary Giant Light Up Long Hairy Spider decoration! Want to make your house extra spooky this Halloween?

Why not get the help of your friendly neighborhood giant spider! This fuzzy guy just loves to surprise guests and give them a good fright with his glowing eyes.

Now you can invite him into your home when you pick up this Giant Light Up Long Hairy Spider decoration. Soft black fur covers his large foam body, and he has eight bendable legs!

Batteries are included, but we recommend purchasing extras so your great big hairy spider can stay spooky for the entire season. Come on, what even is a giant spider if he doesnt have piercing red eyes?

Definitely not scary, thats for sure!

Glitter Egg Decorating Kit

Sparkle Search Wake up, everyone! The Easter Bunny was here bright and early, and left plenty of fun surprises hidden around the lawn!

To make it easier on you, he decided that this year, all of his eggs would be shiny and eye-catching. You won't miss a single one.

Product Details Turn your hardboiled eggs into sparkling works of art thanks to this Glitter Egg Decorating Kit! The set includes plenty of fun supplies, including six egg dye tablets and six egg stands, a dipper, a glue adhesive, lots of glitter, and a shaker bag.


Haunted Cloth

Looking to set the scene for a scary party? Or, maybe you just have some vampires coming over to see if they have interest in buying the house.

No matter what you need to get some spooky props fast! What better than a Haunted Cloth to make any house feel like a dark crypt.

Perhaps it's just for the night, or something a little more permanent for the possible vampires. It will really help the home decor to add creepiness.

The Haunted Cloth will be your best bet on a spooky decor. The 100 percent polyester black cheesecloth will creep out your friends and family.

It is 33 inches by 144 inches of spookiness. Pair with spiderwebs, and maybe some pumpkins to really create that scene you are going for.


Inflatable 6FT Let's Eat Turkey Decoration

Let's Eat Halloween is actually great for two reasons. On the one hand, it's fun to dress up, trick or treat, and create haunted houses.

But the other cool thing about Halloween is that once it's over, it signals the next great holidayThanksgiving! Most people don't know that we're actually huge Thanksgiving fans, as well.

The stuffing and sweet potatoes. The green beans and pumpkin pie.

And let's not forget the turkey! It's pretty hard to do that with this Inflatable Let's Eat Turkey Decoration on your porch or in your dining room.

And since you are hosting your first-ever Thanksgiving, you have to go all out! Remember November 1 is officially turkey season, so start thinking ahead for that Thanksgiving decor if you want to host a holiday hit!

Product Details This gobbler stands 6 feet tall and features a seated turkey with a fork in one hand and a knife in the other. The words "Let's Eat" are printed on the turkey's bib, while its colorful tail fans out behind it.

This is a piece you can deflate at the end of the holiday and use it year after year. So you'd better grab it while you can!