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Black Fence Net Adult Pantyhose

Don't be a dud on your date on Saturday! Those old black tights look like a little girl wore them to their grandmothers funeral.

They have a run up the back on one side, and they do no justice to your beautiful long legs. You shouldn't be hiding them under layers of nylon fabric.

And you shouldn't be afraid to let your dress do all real work. Master the art of sensual leg wear with a pair of Fence Net Pantyhose.

Black and mysterious, delicate yet daring, they are just the thing you need to drive your outfit and his heart over the edge! Don't be afraid to get leggy with it!

You sure won't be a dud this Saturday. Let's hope the same can be said for your date.


Brown Women's Curly Half Up Ponytail Wig

The Hairy Truth The truth of the matter when it comes to hair is this: you always want what you don't have. Tell us we're wrong.

That's right, youcan'ttell us we're wrong because youknowwe're right. If you want curly hair, you'll have straight.

If you want straight hair, you'll have curly. If you want dark hair, you'll naturally have light, and vice versa.

We're not surewhythis is the case (we're pretty sure it has something to do with that old adage of the grass always being greener on the other side), but we've simply accepted it as a fact of life. So, when you find yourself inevitably faced with the upsetting realization that you don't have the type of hair you desire, then come talk to us.

You see, we here at have a fabulous assortment of wigs to satisfy your craving for different hair.

Take this Brown Curly Half Up Ponytail Wig for instance. This synthetic wig has a mesh cap with an adjustable elastic band for fit.

The wig itself has long chestnut curls with bangs and a half-ponytail. It's perfect for someone with short straight pink hair who needs something drastically different.

Or rather, it's perfect foranyonewho doesn't have long brown curly hair but wants it.

Hot Pink Glitter Mini Top Hat

Looking for the perfect balance of classy and sassy? Well, look no further.

Check out this Hot Pink Glitter Mini Top Hat! You can be the most sophisticated lady at any soiree as well as the most playful gal at the gala.

This tiny top hat even comes with an adorable detachable veil that you can use if you wish to add a slight hint of mystery to your ensemble. Use this cute accessory to complete any formal outfit with a touch of fun.

If you plan on being an entertaining burlesque dancer or an enchanting showgirl, this is the perfect accessory to add to your costume. The attachable headband will keep his mini marvel from flying off, so you can can-can all night without a worry about losing this precious little pinkie.

Take a look at the rest of our pink accessories and become the definition of pretty in pink.
$14.99 $12.99

Long Black Vinyl Zipper Gloves for Women

These are Womens Long Black Vinyl Zipper Gloves.

Purple Mini Top Hat With Glitter

There are two things that are guaranteed to make anything cute and fabulous. The first thing is an obvious one.

All you have to do is put as much glitter as humanly possible on something and that extra sparkle will make it super adorable and extra fantastic. The second one is something not everyone thinks about right away but it's pretty easy.

Just take something looks good and make it about half the size of the original and you'll instantly go up on the looking stunning sale. Now all you have to do is add a veil for a solid amount of mystique and you'll be ready to knock their socks clean off.

We've done all the work for you and even made it a wonderful purple color. This mini glitter top hat will be perfect for a brighter take on Victorian clothing, a Cheshire cat costume, or even a burlesque outfit.

We're not ones to stomp on creativity so let your imagination run as wild as this hat looks!
$12.99 $19.99

Sexy Domi-Matrix Women's Costume

Alternate Reality Realty You thought you bought a great house. It had everything you wanted.

There was a south-facing sunroom, perfect for house plants and sun-loving cats alike. It had a nice front porch, a new kitchen, and a roomy bedroom with an exposed brick wall.

You were happy there. Until there was a knock on your door.

Some guy in a trenchcoat had something he needed to tell you. He offered you two pills.

One would show you the house you really bought. The other was just a Tic Tac and wouldn't really do anything except compensate you for your time with a burst of minty freshness.

What do you do? Stay in the house of your dreams or take the pill from Alternate Reality Realty?

Costume Details If you're the type who never looks away from the truth, you might be ready for this costume! It features a stunning wet-look bodysuit that zips up the front.

Long skirt panels drape down the sides, allowing you to look extra rad when you flow into a room or dodge invisible bullets. Slip-on the fingerless gloves and you'll be ready for whatever reality throws at you next!

Sunglasses At Night If you want to seem as if you've seen the other side, it's easy. Slip into the outfit, put on a pair of dark sunglasses, and keep a stern expression on your face.

Oh, and you're going to want to put some great boots on too. All the better to kick butt with, right?

The best part is, you don't have to take any pills, of any color! Whether you're starting an Alternate Reality Realty business or you're showing up to a Halloween party in style, this costume gives you a great reason to keep your sunglasses on at night!