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King Slayer Men's Wig

Haters are gonna hate, and kings? Well, kings are probably going to be haters.

It's not enough that they get to rule..

. the power usually goes to their heads, and well, once your monarch stops acting in the best interest of the people, it might just be time to get rid of him outright.

And that's why we recommend using this exclusive wig to turn yourself into a legendary King Slayer.

Complete your costume look with one of our detailed medieval costumes and be sure to pick up a trusty sword. Then you'll be able to properly dispose of any ruler who has gone mad, gotten drunk with power, or just wants to burn his castle to the ground.

We're sure that after you do your deed, you'll be able to install a king who will finally act in the best interest of the people..

. or at least you'll be able to get someone from your own bloodline onto the throne.

Yeah, we're sure everything is going to work out just fine and dandy when you wear this men's King Slayer wig as a part of your renaissance themed costume!