Sleeping Beauty

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Disney Sleeping Beauty Fauna Headband & Wings Kit

Kindness is the Best Magic Goodness, what a sweet little baby princess. Surely, you have given her the best gift of all: the gift of song!

Everything was going to be perfect until that dratted Maleficent showed up and cursed the poor thing to prick her finger on a spindle and die. Talk about a party foul!

Product Details This officially licensed, exclusive Disney Fauna the Fairy Headband & Wings Kit is so pretty that it's practically magical! A pointed hat with a sparkly crown and a wide green tulle band is attached to a cloth-covered headband so that the hat appears to float on top of your head.

The gorgeous vinyl wings feature a lovely design of swirly green and gold, as well as a jewel-like green center, and loop over your shoulders via elastic straps. Fairy Heroes Even though you had already used up your magical gift, you knew you couldn't just leave the princess to her fate.

With your fairy sisters, you disguised yourselves and raised her as your niece, doing everything an aunt would do to give her a happy life - including baking a very questionable cake!

Disney Sleeping Beauty Flora Headband & Wings Kit

Sew Magical Poor little Princess Aurora. She doesn't deserve to be cursed by cranky Maleficent and doomed to die of a pricked finger (especially not after you bestowed the gift of beauty on her!

) What's to be done? Well, if you're a fabulous fairy, you raise her in safety with your fairy friends.

Raising a princess means always being there for her, teaching her what she needs to know, and throwing her a birthday celebration complete with a special dress you make yourself. A pink dress, of course.

Product Details Everyone will know that you're a good fairy when you wear this exclusive, officially licensed Disney Flora the Fairy Headband and Wings Kit! A mini pink hat with a pointed crown and a gauzy ribbon band perches perkily on your head thanks to the attached cloth-covered headband.

The matching wings secure over your shoulders with adjustable straps and have a lovely swirl design. The Gift that Keeps Giving Usually you only give gifts to newborn princesses, but when everyone knows your powers, it's hard not to grant a few wishes here and there.

Make sure that everyone knows that you grant magic favors in exchange for Halloween chocolate!


Disney Sleeping Beauty Merryweather Headband & Wings Kit

Make it Blue Blue is perfect. Its the color of clear skies on a perfect day.

Its the shade of icy cool ponds. Blue calms, soothes, and settles.

Its peaceful and yet strong. In the right shade, its a color for babies.

In other shades, it marks royalty. And when given a choice, you always pick blue over pink.

Maybe thats why you identify with Merryweather so closely. Her love for blue runs deepyouve seen her turn that pink gown stunning azure hundreds of times and always agree (adamantly) with the decision.

If you could, youd turn everything blue too! Product Details Were not a hundred percent sure this exclusive Disney Merryweather the Fairy Headband & Wings Kit will grant you the magical powers of Disneys littlest blue fairy, but it will make your Merryweather costume extra enchanting!

Complete your fairytale ensemble with this two-piece accessory set. The petite pointed hat is crafted with a shimmery blue material and features a mesh band.

Attached to a fabric-covered plastic headband, the Made By Us accessory will sit easily on top of your head. Meanwhile, a pair of iridescent blue wings with white filigree patterns guarantees that your costume rises to the occasion once fixed over the shoulders and adjusted to your comfort!