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39-Inch Slithering Snake Skeleton Halloween Prop

Ssso Ssspooky Don't get us wronghuman skeletons are scary. But they are also just a bitexpected.

When you're running around on a graveyard adventure, if youdon't see the skeletal structure of a person, you're either disappointed or expect one to be just around the corner. It's great when it shows up.


but does it really make your heart skip a beat? Does it make you leap to your feet?

Does itAaaaah! Snaaaaake!

Product Details Make sure everyone feels at least two levels of shock, surprise, and soul-wrenching spooky fun when you have this Slithering Snake Skeleton prop at your home. This molded plastic creature is designed to look how many might imagine a serpent's bones would slither!

Plus, at almost 40 inches long, this is not the kind of Halloween decoration that will go unnoticed! Whether your friends love or hate their ophidian friends, this skeletal snake is sure to make them surprised!


Cobra Cane Prop

Command of the Serpents There are legends that the ancient Egyptians placed powerful magicks into the rarest of their canes and staves. Those who carried one of these magical relics could walk safely through the sands and know that no snake, serpent, basilisk, or even god would dare bring harm upon them.

The most unique of them even bestowed someone with the ability to conjure and command these terrifying creatures. What would they use this power for?

Well, we're still figuring that out! Product Details You'll have the might of the pharaohs at your hand when you wield this Cobra Cane!

The shaft of the cane is designed to look like aged wood with just enough knots to keep things interesting. The head is molded to resemble a proud cobra, coiled around the end and ready to strike!

It's gleaming eyes and wide hood might be enough to make anyone wonder what power you possess. Call Upon the Curse There's just something particularly mystifying about a mystical cane that bears the image of a serpent.

Does it possess mummy magic? Does it mean that you're destined to rule from the great pyramids?

Or are you ready to lay a curse upon your enemies? Leave them questioning everything when you wield this Cobra Cane!


Cobra Plush Costume Hat

No Playground for Old Kids The playground can be a rough place. There are only 3 swings and 100 students that want to practice their jumps at a time.

Each slide has a line of students queued and waiting to fly down to the woodchips. Even the humble blacktop is so crowded that only the boldest young sports stars can grab themselves a basket to shoot hoops.

The good news is, weve discovered a way to let even cherub-faced sweeties get to the front of the lines before the bell rings. Its a simple and clever adaptation that is sure to prove your child is the toughest at recess.

Product Details Let your kids show theyve got the grit to face off against even the coolest 5th-grader for a swing with this Cobra Sprazy Hat! The stuffed wrap-around headpiece is designed to look like a fearsome cobra ready to strike.

But thanks to the soft fabrics and fiber-filled body your child will feel calm and collected even while wearing a snake hat. Charming Child Keeping up with the rest of the kids at recess isnt always easy.

But when your kids strut around with a venomous terror on their heads, theyre sure to earn the respect of the entire school. So, whether theyre heading off for another manic Monday or dressing as a snake charmer for Halloween, this Cobra Sprazy Hat for kids is ready to impress!


Cobra Temporary Neck Tattoo

Up to Your Neck In Snakes Add a bite to your costume this Halloween. Whether youre going out as an infamous mobster or as a rebel biker, we have just what you need.

This Temporary Cobra Neck Tattoo will let everybody know that youre not somebody they want to mess with. This is a tat best suited for a person with a king-like mentality.

If you want to rule over the party scene this Halloween, make this accessory the final addition to your costume. Product Details This temporary tattoo is designed to be placed on the neck.

The Tinsley Tattoo FX kit comes with one temporary tattoo sheet as well as instructions on how to apply it properly. This tattoo features one of the mightiest snakes in the animal kingdom, the king cobra.

Theres not one but two of these vicious serpents hissing and jetting their tongues out towards the golden crown that sits between them. The shining crown is decorated with both blue and red jewels.

There are also blue and orange flames that rise above the crown. In a graffiti-style font, KING COBRA is written above the flames of the crown.

Lastly, there are sets of diamonds matching the jewels of the crown beside each cobra.

Costume Snake Earrings

Sassy Serpentine Some of you may be asking yourselves, "Why would I want a pair of slithering snakes hanging from my ears?" A better question is, "Whywouldn't I want to deck myself out in slithering snakes?

" Serpents are the accessory you didn't know you needed for so many awesome costumes, including a Greek monster, an iconic pop star, or even a member of a certain wizard house. Product Details Go down in hisss-tory as having the best accessories ever seen at a costume party!

This pair of Blue and Green Costume Snake Earrings have gold-tone post earring backs. Snake charms with slithery tails dangle from each earring back.

Their deep blue and green pattern resembles tortoiseshell. Miss Hiss Show that you aren't afraid of one of the scariest animals on earth!

There's no better way to demonstrate your bravery than by wearing a pair of snakes this close to your face.


Double Headed 41 Cobra Skeleton Halloween Decoration

Cobra Catastrophe So, we hear that you're looking to give your home a bit of an extra haunted feel. You're looking for something that will get under people's skin and really make them hiss in surprise!

Well, you could always go with a snake, right!?

There are a ton of folks who will practically leap out of their skin just at the thought of one. But we can go a snakey step further.

How about a two-headed snake!?

Slithery little danger noodles with two bitey bits? That'll get 'em.

Of course, if you're goingone step further, you can always go just a bit further, too! Product Details Introducing the Double-Headed Cobra Skeleton prop!

This molded plastic Halloween decoration combines some of the biggest scares out there. You've got the serpentine style that is sure to spook your friends and family.

Then there's the fact that this cobra is sporting two heads, too! Add the fact that at its last molting it went the way of the undead, and you are sure to have folks wondering what is wrong with you in the very best way imaginable!