Snow White Costumes

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Evil Queen Costume for Girls

ONE WICKED COSTUME All these girls are out here trying to be princesses and you're stirring a cauldron full of potion while practicing your most devious cackle. We love your allegiance to the wicked ones and once you possess this evil queen costume for girls, your sorcery skills will skyrocket because you'll be cloaked in mystery and determined to create misery.

(Insert your best evil cackle here.)This costume prepares you for life as a wicked fairytale queen.

Currently, your head is devoid of horns but some evil queens out there (not naming any names) rock a perfectly sharp pair of horns and they make them look so appealing. You'll also get experience wearing a high collar which creates a seriously sinister vibe instantly.

Now all there's left to do is gaze at your reflection in an ornate mirror or bewitch a fruit and you'll be well on your way to sitting on a throne in the wicked queen hall of fame. PRODUCT DETAILS This costume veils future queen in a long robe-like dress with tattered sleeves and hemline.

The pullover-style dress is made from ultra-black, soft and velvet-like fabric creating a luxurious yet leery appearance that says, "I'm probably up to no good." A satin royal purple stripe is directly down the middle as well as around the sleeve cuffs and the collar.

Finally, a headband featuring plush black horns is also included with this costume. UNLEASH THE EVIL QUEEN WITHIN If you want more help cultivating your inner evilness (mwahaha) then there are a couple accessories to pick up to give yourcostume a spellbinding edge.

Purple makeup looks great applied to the eyelids and add a black cape to twirl when disappearing into the darkness. A small gold crown can be added to top off the look.

Everyone will love it, except some uppity princesses, but we'll refrain from mentioning their names.


Infant Snow White My First Disney Costume

Special to so many of us, jabbing us with a shot of nostalgia every time we hear them mentioned, Disney movies can be some of the most precious memories of our childhood. There are so many valuable life lessons!

So many characters to idolize! Of all the holidays in one's life, there are few that mean more to so many than the momentous firsts in an infant's initial year.

Especially, of course, to you: the parents. There are a lot of firsts, in fact, some of which you've probably gotten to experience!

Take, for example, the first crawl or the first little dance. There was, of course, the first nerve-wracking car ride and then the first night home from the hospital.

Then there was, unfortunately, the first marathon crying session and the first thrown plate of foodthe first bruise, even, from a bottle he or she threw at you. There might be a first favorite food or television show or song or relative (but don't tell the others!

). A little one's first Halloween can be a momentous event, especially considering it's likely the first first that warrants a celebratory costume!

You (and your little one) can celebrate the occasion by dressing her in this Infant Snow White My First Disney Costume! It's absolutely fit for a princess: made out of a soft, comfy cotton polyester and comes with a red satin headband with a bow at the front.

Oh, and if you hadn't gathered from the soft velour and glittery knit mesh, it's super-cutemaking this a first-time at least you won't soon forget!

Tween Hipster Snow White Costume

TREND-SETTING FORESIGHT According to the legends, the Evil Queen managed to know all of her tricks thanks to that Magic Mirror. She'd ask it some nasty question about who is the prettiest and where she was andprobably even asked it where to find the best free range apples that she could do her evil magic upon.

Fortunately, we all know how the story ended. The Queen's nasty plot really just ended up giving Snow White a nice nap and sherevealed she's not much of a climber!

But, what about the details of that Happily Ever After? What about the Magic Mirror?

Well, Snow White wasn't about to just give up an entire life of possibilities. She started asking that Mirror all about the coming trends.

Snow White didn't care about being the most beautiful gal in the world. She didn't care about being a queen with a bunch of weird magic powers.

But, being thetrendiest queen in storybook history? Well,that would be something to write about!

DESIGN & DETAILS Our in-house designers have unearthed the best secrets of the Magic Mirror and put them together to create this Tween Hipster Snow White Costume. This exclusive look includes a stretchy blue shirt with red-striped, puffy sleeves and ruffled trim.

The shirt is accented by a wide white collar and a button lapel down the front. The skirt is a bright yellow that features a pair of suspenders because this quirky Snow knows what keeps the world's fashion moving forward!

Finish off the look with a red bow headband and all she'll need next is a pair of round lens glasses! DITCH THE APPLE!

Not only is the apple a sign of Snow White's defeat, but that whole apple-a-day thing wasso yesteryear. Time to upgrade to the avocado while your little Snow shows everyone how hip Miss White can be!