Special Effects Lighting

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Black Light Bulb Decoration

Glow Baby Glow Do you remember roller skating rinks from back in the day (or are we the only ones who remember them because we're old)? Gobbling down countless pizza slices, drinking a bathtub's worth of soda, and strapping tiny wheels to your feet so that you could whiz around a slick yet sticky floor and bang into walls was a lot of fun.

The best part, though, was when they turned off the regular lights and turned on the black lights. Seeing our glowing teeth, socks, and shirts was so cool!

Product Details Give your party some extra flair with a Blacklite! This black light bulb fits all standard light sockets and works in lamps, overhead lights, and more.

It's great for creating spooky ambiance, setting up special effects, and making ordinary things glow with an eerie light. Use it for Halloween or just for making your home's decor a touch more interesting.


Intensely Bright Strobe Light Decoration

THUNDERBOLTS AND LIGHTNING! Attempting to control the atmosphere is something that most are incapable of even approaching, unless, of course, you've managed to inherit a certain kind of mutant gene or gotten on especially good terms with any local nature gods.


But, there are ways that technology can help you get just a hint closer. You might not be bringingactual lightning to bear and sending your squad to the hills, ducking for cover, but the intensity of some blasts of light canfeel like you are!

PRODUCT DETAILS Thanks to some genius engineering, we can offer this Intense Strobe Light to help you create whatever kind of environment you need..

. providing that you're looking for something intense, startling, and at least a hint horrific.

With three AA batteries, you can aim this light at the direction you choose and adjust the frequency and pattern of the flashes of light from 18 super-bright LED lights. CHOOSE YOUR OWN APOCALYPSE Whether it is thunderstorms, broken wiring, or even the jittering blasts of a slasher with a flashlight, there's always something intensely spooky about the rapid stuttering of light.

This intense strobe light replicates each of those deadly scenarios perfectly and lets you choose which way to make your friends feel like they're going to meet their end!


Pumpkin Color Change Lite Decoration

A Cinematic Type of Spooky So, it's Halloween night. Your yard looks bomb.

You've got all the spooky elements a trick-or-treater could want. You set the scene with cotton spiderwebs threaded throughout your porch.

Little tissue ghosts hang from your bushes. Spooky bats are stuck to your windows to hint that the inside of your house is also pretty spooky.

Maybe you even have a few spooky noises coming from a hidden speaker somewhere in your lawn. And most importantly, your jack-o-lanterns are lining the stairs up to your door.

You put a lot of thought into those spooky pumpkins. So, here's the thing, are you going to throw a dangerous, dim candle in your new gourd friend?

No, we think the little Halloween wonderland that you've created deserves something much more exciting! Product Details This light will give your pumpkins a colorful twist!

Much safer than traditional candles, it can be set inside a jack-o-lantern all night and you don't have worry about it. The light changes color, giving the spooky scenery a unique aura that flickers from inside your gourds.

A Dark and Stormy Night Isn't it funny that while we love all the spooky stories that start with a stormy night, Halloween night always seems to be a chilly yet crisp evening?So it's up to us to set the stormy scene for those ghouls and goblins that are wandering the streets.

And when it comes to creating an eerie atmosphere, we all know the devil is in the details!

Pumpkin Light with 3 Functions Prop

NO FRIGHT WITH A PUMPKIN LIGHT Do you have a son or daughter who's venturing out to trick-or-treat solely with friends for the first time?As a concerned parent, guaranteeing your child is safe on a night when strange and unusual events could take is your number one priority.

Make sure they stay safe on those dark neighborhood sidewalks with a product we love: the 3 function pumpkin light. Way cooler than a basic flashlight, the light-up product makes Halloween asafer holiday altogether, plus it's fun for kids to use.

Makesure they don't leave the house this year without this handy pumpkin light. PRODUCT DETAILS The 3 function pumpkin light is so easy to use, a gourdcould do it!

(Well, maybe, if the gourd has hands.) This light-up appliance requires 3x AAA batteries (not included) in orderto work.

Once the small on/off switch is turned to 'on,' the light functions in 3 different ways. It can give off a yellow flicker, it can change colors completelyand it can also give off a strobe effect.

A FLASHIER COSTUME This product pairs well with all kinds of costumes. You'll never have to worry about your child being out past dark ever again!


Special Effect Intense UV-Black Light Decoration

Black as Light For Draculas birthday party last year, we at gave him this awesome Intense Blacklight.

At first he wasnt sure about it, seeing as how he mostly avoids the light as much as possible, but when he saw it in action, he loved it immediately! He began using it all the time at his castle, and nowadays you cant go ten feet inside without seeing one.

Granted, it has changed the ambience some, since he ditched all his many candelabras and torches in sconces in favor of these lights, but still! We are happy that he is happy.

The best part about it is that he looks fantastic under a blacklight! It really brings out the whiteness of his vampiric fangs and the paleness of his undead, soulless face.

The other best part, though, is how horrifying it makes everyone else look. Frankentstein is really not pretty and his constant, yellow-toothed smile shows that he is happy that way.

The light really makes the bolts in his neck pop. Monster Bash The LED lights produce a very even, bright effect that can be taken anywhere.

It is battery powered, meaning it is portable and perfect for any location. It also has adjustable blinking speeds, which Dracula uses when he wants that rave feel for his house parties.

That Drac sure knows how to party!

White Strobe Pumpkin Lite

Your Year to Shine Your neighborhood has a contest every year for the best decorated Halloween house. Fun!

Except last year, the award went to Lacey Smirkenson! Ugh.

She doesn't evenlikeHalloween and word is, she hired professionals to help her decorate (strictly against the rules). Not to worry.

This year, you're pulling out all the stops. Extra cobwebs, really scary lawn ornaments, horrifying sound recordingsthe works.

We want to help you think of everything, down the last detail, so we suggest replacing the (yawn) traditional lights inside your carved pumpkins with these White Strobe Pumpkin Lights! Anyone can slide a candle into a Jack-o-lantern; Lacey did just last year.

A light such as this one, though, shows you're willing to go the extra mile to stand out, and alongside your other decorating choices, this strobe will make you a sure bet to win this year's contest! Product Details Safer (and so much cooler) than candles, this snazzy light comes with batteries and is guaranteed to brighten Halloween night.

Why not make your whole yard a haunted disco theme, while you're at it? Lacey won't know what hit her!

Gracious Winner Just remember not to gloat when you take home the prize this year. No one likes a braggart, even if they have a totally cool and enviable haunted house!