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11 Spiderwick Spider Halloween Prop

Creepy Crawly Cutie? Sure, we know that a lot of folks are scared of spidersand we dont blame them!

Theres something a little unsettling about the way they skitter around your house, and goodness knows the jumping ones will surely startle you! And that doesnt even factor in the ones whose venom could be deadly.

Then theres the issue of the spiderwebs. Theyre annoying to clean up, and it does give you a bit of a creepy feeling if they get stuck on you somewhere.

However, spiders are also great because they help control insect populations, and if theres one thing we dislike more than spiders, its mosquitos! Product Details We have to admit, once you turn pretty much any animal into a plush, were going to think its adorable.

If you agree, you might like this 11-inch Spiderwick Spider. Its soft polyester body and legs are perfect for cuddling, if that doesnt scare you.

And of course, if you think its creepy and not cute, you can still use it as some spooky Halloween dcor. Since it has legs that you can rearrange to your liking, you can choose whether its posed to jump out and bite you or just give you a hug.


24-Inch Black Spider Halloween Prop

Nursery Rhyme Nightmare When you hear the nursery song, The Itsy-Bitsy Spider, it probably makes you think of a cute little arachnid thats just innocently trying to climb up a waterspout. However, what do you think happens after the song is over?

What if it ends up getting inside your house and growing to a more terrifying size? Then, that song definitely isnt as cute anymore!

We decided to rework this classic for all the times you find a huge, unwanted spider in your house. It goes something like this: I saw a giant spider inside my cozy room So, I freaked out and scrambled for a broom When I returned, I didnt see it there Guess Ill never sleep again cuz it could be anywhere!

Design & Details If you want to add a scary arachnid to your Halloween decorations, weve designed and made just the thing. This 24-Inch Furry Black Spider Prop is sure to send a chill down your spine no matter where you put it!

Its extra-long legs are covered with lots of fuzz to make them extra creepy. It has shiny red eyes and huge fangs that make it look like its ready to munch on you.

Youll be ready to scramble for a broom whenever you catch a glimpse of this spooky decoration!

3 Pack Black Spiders Halloween Decoration

Horrible Haunted House While some people enjoy the adrenaline rush from a fast ride on a roller coaster, others prefer to get a bit of a thrill out of being scared. If you like to give yourself the chills, you have plenty of options.

Perhaps you like to curl up on the couch and watch a horror movie alone in the dark. Maybe you like to listen to true crime podcasts or read chilling novels.

When autumn rolls around, you can even go on a haunted hayride or visit a haunted house. One of the staple decorations for anything haunted is spiderwebs, often with spiders on them.

Now you can bring all the creepiness of a haunted house into your own home with some decorative spiders! Design & Details We made this 3-Pack of Black Spiders so you could set up your own haunted house (even if you dont give tours).

These black spiders have plenty of horrible hair, large fangs, and shiny red eyes so you might even be able to catch a glimpse of them when the lights are low. Put them all on one spiderweb or spread them out throughout your house so they can lurk in every creepy corner!

Youll enjoy getting these decorations out for Halloween year after year.

30-Inch Poseable Spider

New Trick They say you cant teach an old dog new tricks. But then you found this spindle-legged buddy in your attic.

Typically, youd walk away with a chill running down your spine or send someone else in to take care of the corner dweller. But, this creepy critter is just too big to squish and impossible to ignore.

Goodness knows how quickly it could turn your home into a nightmarish spider den if left on its own any longer. So, with few options for handling the fluffy terror, you knew youd need to give training a try.

Product Details As big as a small dog and surprisingly teachable, this Poseable 30 Spider is ready to show the world what youre both capable of. With a lightweight abdomen wrapped in velvety black fabric and featuring a fuzzy thorax with itty-bitty eyes and pincers attached to its head, this sizeable spider may be the cutest creepy-crawly youve ever encountered.

Its eight long wired legs are wrapped in the same black material and can be manipulated into various shapes without fuss. Whether you teach it to sit, stay, stand, or strike, this eight-legged pet cant wait to help you trick or treat your Halloween visitors!


4 Foot Inflatable Projection Kaleidoscope Spider Decoration

A Serious Pest Problem We all know that cleaning up our yards before winter rolls around is an important task. Now, some people assume that all that raking and leaf bagging is to make sure that your grass back grows nice, even, and clean in the spring.

But those who have experience spider problems will tell you that raking isn't just an aesthetic detail! Come fall, spiders of all sorts are ready to spring out of the woodwork!

Feeding on flies all summer, some of them have grown big enough to dine on small dogs! That's the case with this glowing four-foot spider.

A great example of what to embrace when it comes to Halloween decor and avoid at all other times of the year! Product Details This spider is just big enough to surprise and freak out trick-or-treaters without being so scary as to chase them away!

The inflatable is easy to set up, simply zip it up, plug it in, and tether it down with the included stakes and string. You're sure to love watching the colorful lights glow from the spider's white back.

Buy this inflatable to go with multiple Halloween decor themes from haunted house to eerie graveyard!


40 Black Skeleton Spider with Light Up Eyes and Timer Decoration

The Crawly to your Creepy It's that time of year again. The wind is whipping up, bare trees are tapping on your windows, thunder is rolling in.

And boy, do you love it! Creepy comes naturally to you.

You're most in your element when you're trading ghostly tales around a crackling fire watching the easily frightened in your group squirm in fear. You love everything spooky from your local easy-going haunted hayride to a truly frightening horror movie marathon.

With your creepy nature, it goes without saying that you're pretty great at decorating for Halloween. Creepy, you've got down.

Low lighting, black candles, skulls..

. you know the drill.

But if you want a little bit of crawly to add to your creepy, you're going to need a high-quality spider to make folks instantly shiver as soon as they walk by! Product Details You can almost feel the sharp little legs of this spider scuttling up your back when you see this spider.

The smooth features of this spider span over 3 feet for a real impact for visitors and trick-or-treaters! With jointed legs, this spider can be posed just so.

Powered by three watch batteries, this spider's eyes glow while its head tilts as if trying to find its prey. Set it up in a web or at the center of your Halloween display to make sure your spooky decor has creep factor!