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Graftobian Cracks Makeup Stencil

The Big Break Are you ready to shake things up a little bit? Things can get a little wild around Halloween.

Your house might get a little creepier. Gravestones pop up in front yards.

Cobwebs congeal on porches and trees. Inside bats might hang from chandeliers and skeletons might peep out of windows.

Then there's your mind. How can you help but crave those spooky podcasts, movies, and books?

The night is coming on faster and chilly weather makes everyone want to curl up with a little something unsettling. Soon enough, it's going to be Halloween.

We all know a great costume is all about the details. Leave it to some great makeup to make sure your costume is all that it's cracked out to be!

Product Details Whether you're creating a broken doll look or you're taking a new twist to a classic mummy costume, you'll be glad you have this crack-patternedstencil in your arsenal! At over four inches, you'll find it easy to make noticeable details in your makeup.

Crack in the Facade Doll makeup looking a little too perfect?Add to the creep factor and simply use a sponge applicator and apply dark details over a pale base while using this stencil.

And since it's made out of lasercut mylar, this is a stencil you'll be able to use again and again. After all, there's always another Halloween!


Graftobian Large Makeup Sponge

Application Nation Have you ever spent a little time on Youtube watching makeup tutorials? You don't even have to be into theater or fashion for your jaw to drop when people create some of those looks.

It's amazing what can be done with a little makeup. You can become almost anything with the right kind of makeup.

You might have guessed that folks that work with are costume enthusiasts.

So you know that we've seen makeup artists do absolutelyamazing things. We've seen lovely smooth faces turn to the texture of tree bark.

We've seen folks turn into lizards, birds, and button-eyed dolls. The number one thing you need when you're transforming your face?

A high-quality applicator is key! Product Details No need to get your fingers dirty as you're applying greasepaint this Halloween.

The sponge will help you keep your costume makeup nice and even. All you have to do is decide what you want your look to be!

New and True Colors What are you dressing up as for your next costume party? Any costume can be finished off with well-done makeup.

Whether you're buying makeup for your high school's theater department or you just want the right tool for your pale, dramatic vampire makeup, this sponge is sure to finish your very own makeup look with a professionaltwist.


Graftobian Leopard Face Makeup Stencil

Catlike Reflections When you're heading out into the wild of your concrete jungle, you've got to be ready. Anythingcan happen at any time.

There are these fast metal creatures that can come out of nowhere. We think they are called "autos" or "cars".

Then there are all these metal and glass trees that really aren't very good for climbing. Okay, maybe cities don't make great jungles but that doesn't mean we shouldn't bring more of a wild touch into our urban lifestyle.

Cat-like reflexes are pretty handy. You never know when you're going to have to jump out of the way of someone who's riding a bike on the sidewalk for some inexplicable reason.

Here's the thing, if you want those cat reflexes it might work to work on your cat-like reflection first. Product Description While you'll find a lot of leopard makeup tutorials online, this stencil will bring your leopardlook to a whole new level.

It's lightweight yet durable so it'll work well for groups of cool cats or people who will want to use it over and over again. And when you're ready to change things up again, you can come back here and look through our other stencils for easy entry into the animal kingdom.

The Cat's Meow If you're ready to step into your new cat-like attitude, embrace it with this leopard print stencil. You might gain an impulse to push over glasses or water or stalk birds in the park but don't worry.

We'll forgive anyone who rocks a feline look as fresh as this one!

Graftobian Makeup Sponge

Did Someone Say Makeover? We're literally hanging on theedge of our seats while we wait for a definiteanswer.


Anyway, it's our personalbelief that makeovers are one of life's simple pleasures. It's fun to go from blah to beautiful in a blink of an eye.

When we aren't the ones getting glamified, we still enjoy helping out with the beautification process. You get a makeover, and you get a makeover, and you all the way in the back, you get a makeover too!

Since we're makeover enthusiasts, in the past we've tinkered with all kinds of different products from eyeshadow to foundation to applicatortypes. We can say with certainty that this small makeup sponge is the best way to apply makeup.

Pick it up,dab it in your favorite product, and watch the transformation take place right before your very eyes. Product Details Essentially, this is a synthetic sponge on a plastic applicator but it's capable of picking up all sorts of makeup and transferring it to your face flawlessly.

This applicator can be dabbed in cream makeup, eyeshadow, or blush. It's small so it's perfect for tiny areas like the eyelids.

Ta-Da! Did we happen to mention that we love makeovers?

Attach a picture in the product review section so we can revel in your metamorphosis too!


Graftobian Makeup Stencil Tiger

Changing your Stripes They say you can't change your stripes but when you've got a stencil in your arsenal, you actually can! It's hard to copy the majesty of a tiger.

We don't want to speak for you but we can't even creep through our carpeted living room without stepping on a toy of some sort and yowling. We can't imagine trying to creep through the jungle and sneaking up on a quick, alert wild animal.

But that's how tigers literally make their living! They're so suaveabout it.

Lounging on logs with their feet in the water, acting like they're dozing. But we know they always have an eye out for any tasty opportunities out there.

They can go from chiller to killer in a matter of seconds. While you most likely don't have cat-like reflexes, you can have a cat-like reflection.

And hey, maybe your look will influence your intuition! Product Details All you need is some quality face paint and a sponge applicatorto use this nifty little stencil.

The stripes give you an exotic tiger stripe so you'll be ready to start "kitten" around in no time! Jungle Look So, whether you're dressing up for Halloween or you're getting your kiddo ready for a special event at your local zoo, once you have this stencil in hand, a wild look is minutes away!


Graftobian Mermaid Makeup Stencil Special Effects Makeup

Your Mermaid Moment Are you ready for your mermaid moment? We bet you are.

You've been practicing regular bubble blowing while taking long baths. Maybe your hairdresser has given you that blue and green ombre look that people have been raving about, if not we can help you out with an ombre wig.

Hopefully, you haven't been trying super hard to communicate with your pet fish but if you have then you might get an upper hand at aquatic communication when it's time to take the dive. And finally, you probably need to get serious with the sparkles because if we know anything, it's that mermaids love sparkles almost as much as unicorns do.

Yes, we realize that's a strong statement but if you're a true blue mermaid then you probably agree. Product Details If you're looking for an extra hook to anchor down your mermaid costume, you'll want to make sure your makeup is topnotch.

This stencil will make it easy foryou toachievean aquatic scaley look. Choose yourown color scheme to become the mermaid of yourdaydreams.

You might choose to go with pearly white, lovely purples, or aquaand blue. Look into our face and body paints to make sure your makeup stays put.

You get to choose your oceanic hues, the world is your oyster, after all! Tipthe Scales If you've decided what mermaid ensemble you're going to wear, congratulations.

We have many different types of mermaid skirts, pants, and seashell bras. Want to go out with an aquatic school?

Head out with one of our deep sea divers to make "gram" worthy shots that you'll want to put in your treasure chest for keeps. As much as we love our mermaid costumes, it's the makeup that will really make waves!

So take the dive and watch the marina magic happen!