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Kids Sriracha Costume

Spice things up this year and have your kiddo go out as a bottle of tasty hot sauce with this Sriracha Kid's Costume. Everyone loves the hot chili sauce, literally, we mean like everyone!

People turned it into a frosting on doughnuts, a flavor of liquor, and even a type of lip balm. Some have a personal mini bottle as a key chain and many have the brand name all over their apparel.

Shoes, shirts, skirts, leggings, hats, underwear, you can find just about any type of clothing with Sriracha printed all over it nowadays. So we think it's safe to say that your youngster will be absolutely loved by the masses when he goes out with this awesome costume.

When your little one slips on this sleeveless pullover tunic, he'll become the hottest topic at any costume party. He'll easily outshine any of those other kiddies going out as salt and pepper shakers or bottles of mustard and ketchup.

Don't be surprised if your condiment cutie ends up getting twice as much candy as the rest of the kids on the block. Like we said, people are in love with the stuff, and when they see your saucy little fella they won't be able to help but hand out candy after candy.

Help your kiddo bring a smile to everyone's face when you make him the most popular hot sauce on the market with this Sriracha Costume. Oh, and if you happen to notice the cap has been removed from your kiddo's head.


well, then what you think happened most likely did. Yup ole Bob, down the street, got a little too excited and tried to douse his pizza and wings with some delicious hot chili sauce.


silly Bob.

Sriracha Adult Tunic Costume

Oh man, this costume is hot! Were gonna rap a lil story at ya: Growing up in the Midwest and thanks to our Scandinavian farming roots, our diet mainly consisted of meat and potatoes.

The most exciting things that showed up on our dinner table, growing up, was a tangy spaghetti sauce and maybe a tater tot hot dish with just a little too much pepper! And that was just fine with us, until we decided to run off at 19 to India (long story, well tell you another time).

As you can probably imagine, we discovered almost immediately that our taste buds had no idea what they had been missing all our lives! After a lifetime of growing up with easy, bland foods, we discovered the miracle that was Srirachaand we were HOOKED!

Seriously, we were and always will be #cleanteens, but when it comes to that spicy red sauce, you betta believe that were addicted to the bottle! And we know were not the only onesin the last few years, America has grown obsessed with the best tasting spicy sauce this side of the universe.

Its not for everyone - for instance, dont even try to explain it to bland and boring people, cause they just wont get it - but if youre as hot for the Sriracha as we are, then youre gonna love this Sriracha Adult Tunic! Perfect for the spiciest person you know (psst: thats you!

) youll be the most popular condiment in the room in this 100% polyester pullover foam tunic. It has an inner hood for perfect positioning, and it looks amazing with your own black long-sleeved t-shirt and sweats or leggings.

Wear it to your next Halloween party to prove that this culinary sensationdoes go with everything!