Star Wars: The Mandalorian

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42-Inch Mandalorian Small Airblown Decoration

This is the Decoration Invite all the trick-or-treaters to your home this Halloween with a guest from a galaxy far, far away. Add this Airblown Mandalorian Prop to your outdoor decorations this year and all of the trick-or-treaters will be lining up at your front door.

They may be expecting handfuls of beskar to be given out but we understand if you cant deliver. After all, that type of metal cant be found at your local general store, let alone in this galaxy.

However, if you pick up plenty of those king-sized candy bars, you should be able to satisfy the hordes of treat-seeking bounty hunters lined up at your door. Were sure your haunted house will already be spooky enough this Halloween, add a little bit of Star Wars to the mix!

Product Details This Mandalorian Airblown prop stands approximately 42inches tall when fully inflated. The prop features an adorable version of Mando from the hit Disney+ series The Mandalorian.

Instead of holding a blaster or some sort of weapon, Mando is holding a jack-o-lantern treat bucket. He will be the perfect guide for all the wandering treat seekers this Halloween.

Simply place him in your yard and the trick-or-treaters will come. This is the Way!


Hasbro Star Wars Mandalorian Darksaber

Sweet Deal Picking between he light and the dark sides of the Force has always seemed to be kind of arbitrary to you. Sure, one seems better on the surface, but the truth is always more complicated than that.

You have found that the control of the Jedi is no less onerous than that of the Sith, even if it is domination by social control instead of by an individual. Would your life be any freer if you were held to the rules and limits of the Jedi than the chains of the dark side of the Force?

Now, if one side was offering cookies, your choice would be made for you! The Ultimate Who says the Jedi and Sith get to have all the fun when it comes to awesome swords?

If you want a quality weapon that any Jedi would fear and any Sith would covet, then you will love this Star Wars The Black Series Force FX Elite Mandalorian Darksaber. This weapon of the Mandalorian leader is a true-to-series replica of the saber from the Mandalorian.

The LEDs, sound effects, and premium, authentic quality all work to bring the Darksaber from the Mandalorian to life. You will love the way swinging this replica feels in your hand, just be careful not to cut off a hand like everyone else in Star Wars!


Mandalorian Mini Candy Bowl Decoration

Sharing is Caring Having spent the last several years caring for an alien baby that you picked up on a job one time, it was hard to let him go. Luke Skywalker is not a man to be denied, but it was still tough to see little Grogu go off and leave you behind.

That was when you decided that you needed to share the cuteness. You invested all your credits into making a smaller, cuter version of yourself that could hold a bowl for candy.

You wanted people to be sure that their candy would be in the safest hands in the galaxy when they put it out, and you think you have succeeded. It is a big job to take care of such valuable cargo, but you think your resume speaks for itself!

Candy is the Way This The Mandalorian Mini Candy Bowl is the perfect way to show off your love of the eponymous series while also showing your care for the small, sweet things in life. The figure has all the Baskar armor of the Mandalorian, along with the characteristic boots and gloves.

The metallic-sheen gives the figure a series-accurate look that you will love. Just dont ever try to remove his helmet!


Star Wars Black Series Bo-Katan Kryze Helmet

A True Mandalorian When most people think of a Mandalorian, Din Djarin or Boba Fett come to mind. However, there is another.

We are talking, of course, about the former Lieutenant of Death Watch, the leader of the Nite Owls, the previous wielder of the Darksaber and holder of the title Manda'lor, the one and only Bo-Katan Kryze! This Mandalorian warrior has quite the rap sheet.

She was more than just some bounty hunter. Bo-Katan Kryze was a true white and blue warrior.

Now, you can finally show your love and admiration for this Mandalorian when you get your hands on this Star Wars The Black Series Bo-Katan Kryze Premium Helmet. You will be able to proudly display this work of art in your home alongside the rest of your Star Wars memorabilia.

You can even finally complete your Kryze cosplay outfit when you top it off with this perfect replica! Battle-Ready Details This masterpiece beautifully resembles Bo-Katan's own helmet.

From the blue and white colors she donned as a Nite Owl to the scuffs and scratches she earned in battle, there isn't a single detail that is missed. This helmet is even electronically powered.

Enjoy some of the actual features you've seen Kryze use! Blow away all of your fellow Star Wars fanatics with this high-quality, life-like replica.

Who knows? Maybe you'll be elected the next Manda'lor.

Just be sure to win the Darksaber in combat!

Star Wars The Mandalorian Amban Phase Nerf Pulse Blaster

Part of His Religion A Mandalorian is only as good as the weapon they bring to battle! According to Din Djarin, they're also part of his religion, and the crowning jewel of his collection has to be his Pulse Blaster.

He's used it to take down plenty of big marks, and he always has it at his side. Now, you can get a taste of that Mandalorian magic with this officially licensed Star Wars Nerf Blaster!

Product Details Nerf did their homework with this one! This Star Wars Nerf Pulse Blaster has striking details that come straight from The Mandalorian.

Made out of plastic, this toy blaster has the forked barrel, the scope, stock, and faux mechanical features molded right into it. It measures around 50 inches long and looks perfect with any Mandalorian cosplay outfit.

The blaster itself is a breech-loading dart blaster, and it fires a single dart at a time. The blaster comes with 10 official Nerf darts, so you have plenty of reloads to battle it out with Jawas!

The blaster also has a light-up scope and makes real sounds from the series to add to the overall aura!

Star Wars the Mandalorian Dog Toy Squeaky Plush

A Gift For The ManDogLorian Does your doggo fancy itself a bounty hunter? Or do they just love Star Wars as much as their owner?

This Star Wars The Mandalorian Dog Toy Squeaky Plush is something both human and pet will enjoy. This mini-Mando is soft and chewable and full of fiberfill.

The squeaker is in his head, so your pup will stay busy trying to get him to remove his helmet. The cape is fun for tossing and grabbing, and all four of Mando's limbs can be used for tug-of-war.

Afternoons are for zoomies and playtime--this is the way.