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Antique Copper Cuff

Welcome to the wild, wonderful world of steampunk, where steam power represents the pinnacle of human innovation and Nikola Tesla is a demigod amongst men. If you've played BioShock or read much H.

G. Wells, this introduction is likely repetitive to you.

It's a wonderful world in which gears are amajorfashion statement, irreverence is a way of life, and accesories like this Copper Antique Cuff are downright treasures. Your transformation from a penny-pushing accountant, or whatever, to a rogue butt-kicker from an alternate reality (trippy, right?

) is but one mere cuff away! With this in your grip, you'll be one step closer to gearing up for a full-fledged adventure.

When you're surfing waves of alternate timelines and realities in your hot air balloon time machine, you need the right accessories that'll make you feel chic, no matter where you land. After all, twirling down a rope from your multi-colored balloon in a grey Victorian landscape always leaves an impression.

While you might not have room in your basket for a whole wardrobe of clothes, accessories can make a huge difference! This cuff truly will top off any outfit with a flair of drama fit for a time traveler.

Whether you're wearing skirts or scandalous trousers, you'll be the talk of the town in any timeline!

Antique Steampunk Dragonfly Gear Pin

Interesting Insects When we think about steampunk-themed items, we usually think of mechanics. After all, the idea is to consider what our world would look like if we still ran things on steam instead of other forms of energy.

We dont always wonder what mechanical animals would look like. Heres one imagining of an awesome insect!

Weve always been a little disappointed that dragonflies dont actually look like miniature dragons. However, theyre still really cool!

They have 4 wings instead of the typical 2, which is pretty neat, and they come in so many different colors. In the steampunk world, theyre made of metal so theyre a little less vibrant, but their wings are still beautiful!

Product Details Add the perfect gear-themed accessory to your steampunk outfit with this antique dragonfly gear pin! It has gears to emulate that antique style while keeping the shape of the fascinating bug, and attaches with a safety pin to minimize stabbing.

Use it to complete your costume or send it to a friend as a fantastic steampunk gift! Dont Bug Me!

If youre obsessed with the imaginary era of gears and steam, this antique dragonfly gear steampunk pin is for you. Its beautiful insect design merges the natural with the artificial, and is a great accessory for your next costume!


Antique Steampunk Watch Gears Ring

Steampunklandia Steampunk is all about invention and imagination. Sure, you've got to stick to certain elements.

You've got to have mysterious pouches and pockets to keep your mysterious devices in. There's a hip pouch for gunpowder and extra springs for your steam-powered smartphone.

Then there are the pockets for all your magnifying glasses and all the keys to wind up your robots, clocks, and maybe even a time machine or two. Okay, let's move on from those mysterious pockets of your Steampunk ensemble, it's taking some self-control.

Believe us. A good Steampunk ensemble also requires a jaunty hat and gear-oriented jewelry!

Product Details When you're putting together that perfect Steampunk ensemble, it's all about the accessories. Stand out in any crowd with this cool brassy Antique Watch Gears Ring.

This piece is intricately crafted with molded coils and cogs so you can be sure the details won't shake loose through your adventures. The brass and zinc alloy ring fits most in one size, too!

Super Steampunk So are you ready to shake things up with a head-turningensemble? Top off any steampunk look with this brassy ring.

Want to add more details to your ensemble? From canes to jewelry to lovely corsets, you'll have a great time scrolling through our Steampunk products.


Black John Bull Top Costume Hat

Grab The Bull By The Hat Do you want to go out with a steampunk or cyberpunk look this Halloween? Maybe you just want to look like you rode out of the Wild West and into the modern world.

Are you looking for the perfect way to top of your Victorian-themed costume? Well, look no further.

We have the perfect accessory. Take a look at this classic Black John Bull Hat.

It is simple, stylish, and exactly what you need as the finishing touch for your Halloween costume this year. Leave it as is for a Wild West or Victorian-era outfit.

This hat will go with just about anything with its plain black look. To add it to a steampunk or cyberpunk costume you can add some fun flair to the hat.

Something like gears, cards, or goggles would make fine additions. Product Detail This hat is made of 100 percent polyester materials.

It has been molded into the shape of a felt top hat with a brim that curves upwards at the end. There is a black grosgrain ribbon hatband around the base of the hat with a bow on the right-hand side.

You will love completing any number of Halloween costumes with this John Bull Hat.

Black/Mirrored Industrial Goggles

The Glint in Your Eye Sure, protective goggles are required for keeping eyes safe in laboratory settings. No one wants splashes of noxious chemicals or shards of whatever getting in their eyes.

But, be honest. The real reason youre looking at these bad boys is for the glint of light that bounces of their lenses.

Youre going for an evil scientist, anime villain, ill-willed nerd vibe, and theres only one way to nail it. Circular lenses that perfectly obscure your eyes and thus, intentions.

With this Industrial Goggle accessory, your Halloween costume is going to look killer! Product Description Complete your costume with the help of this simple accessory.

Dark ambermirrored lenses are just the thing to give your look a touch of mysteryis your character just being safe or plotting something dangerous? With the lenses set in lightweight black plastic frames and held in place by an adjustable strap, you can comfortably wear the goggles while you set your Halloween agenda.

Eye-Catching Whether youre going as a genius inventor or mad villain for Halloween, these mirrored industrial goggles are for you. Equal parts nerdy and eye-catching, this clever accessory, will have you looking forward to all future costume parties.

Getyour costume the attention it deserves with this versatile eyewear

Brown Suede Coachman Costume Hat for Adults

How does a post-apocalyptic coachman travel to his next steam engine convention? Why, in top-notch steampunk style, of course!

We have to admit, we do not always fully get the steampunk aesthetic. Cerebrally, it just doesnt make sense--is it the look of the future, or of the past?

But not getting it doesnt stop us from loving it! Its so cool.

Whenever we see a really awesome steampunk outfit, we understand that true steampunk style is elusive and difficult to capture in words. So if you want to make your ensemble speak volumes about your favorite trend, this durable Brown Suede Coachman Hat will be a huge help!

Remember, a well dressed gentleman should never leave home without his hat--and were pretty sure that rule is as applicable in the distant future as it was back when steam engines were just hitting the scene!