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Good Luck Glitter Sticker Pumpkin Kit

Best Wishes Witches ride on Halloween, but not all witches are the evil kind. Instead of casting wicked curses, some witches prefer to spread good magic and kind wishes on their moonlit journeys.

This pumpkin clearly got hit with a dose of happy spells. Product Details Create a magical atomsphere this Halloween by decorating your pumpkin with this Pumpkin Glitter Good Luck Sticker Kit!

The DIY set includes stick-on decorations inthe shape of suns, moons, stars and curlicues, as well as the words "Good Luck and Good Fortune." Each sticker is made out of sparkly black material with adhesive backing.


Happy Haunting Glitter Sticker Pumpkin Kit

Artistic License Youcould spend your time coming up with a spooky and aesthetic jack o' lantern idea, and then take even more time to painstakingly carve it into your chosen pumpkin, hoping that you don't make any mistakes. But you could also just slap on a pretty sticker set and go eat more candy.

Product Details This Pumpkin Glitter Happy Haunting Sticker Kit is quick and painless for you and your pumpkin! The set includes several black bats, a black crow, and the words "Happy Haunting," all covered in sparkly glitter.


Trick or Treat Glitter Sticker Pumpkin Kit

Trick or Treaters Welcome You already have enough to do getting candy ready for costumed witches and ghouls, and finding the perfect outfit for yourself. An easy yet fun pumpkin decorating kit is a lifesaver during the busy Halloween season!

Product Details Guide visitors to your home with this Pumpkin Glitter Trick or Treat Sticker Kit! The set includes a scarecrow-inspired pumpkin face stickers as well as decals reading "Trick or Treat.

" The black, glittery stickers' adhesive backing makes them easy to stick on your chosen gourd wherever you want.