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Adult Diablo Taco Bell Sauce Packet Taco Bell Costume

Lunchtime Level Up You know those days when it's gray outside and you can't seem to get anything done without nodding off like some sort of sick duck? They are the worst.

And the only cure, as anyone knows, is to go out for lunch and eat something spicy and delicious. Here's the thing, there are some people that are the interesting equivalent to that spicy burrito pick-me-up.

You know, the kind of person that brings smiles to a boring meeting that's scheduled on a Friday afternoon? The kind of person who can get a group of people dancing at an uptight wedding.

The kind of person who can always get the conversation rolling with a strange fact. In a world of cold lunches and slow meetings, you can be the Diablo sauce!

Costume Details This hot sauce packet tunic is simple and memorable, much like a meal at Taco Bell! It simply slips over your own clothing.

Pop your arms through the holes in the side and legs through the hole at the bottom, and you'll be ready to roll! This licensed costume has the Taco Bell logo and a witty phrase to make sure people know that you're not just some knock-off hot sauce!

It's In the Bag While this hot sauce costume is a hit on its own, it can be even better when paired with other Taco Bell costumes. While your friends can decide what flavor they are most like and what style they prefer.

While your salad loving friend, Betty might be salsa Verde and your roommate is a total Fire, let everyone know that you've already ordered your costume. Cause you're a natural when it comes to the Diablo flavor.

So how about it, are you ready to get saucy? Hopefully your trick-or-treating will include 100 percent more burritos this year!


Adult Fire Taco Bell Sauce Packet Taco Bell Costume

Let's Hear it For Tuesdays Monday is morose with old tuna mac. Wednesday is weak, coffee drunk black.

Thursday is bustling, eating with your laptop. Friday is fine, a sandwich and pop.

But nothing compares, no nothing comes close to lunch on a Tuesday, you like that the most! Tuesdays mean tacos, burritos, and all that is nice.

It's the crunch that you love and a drizzle of spice. You travel with friends and get your food quick.

You know that the beans will to your ribs stick. Thank goodness for Tuesdays, you love them so well!

Thank goodness! Let's hear it!

For Ol' Taco Bell! Product Details Throwing on this costume is as easy as ordering the regular at the Taco Bell drive through and just as fun, too!

Just throw the tunic over your head and you'll be the starring flavorful role of any taco order. The packet has a ragged top and bottom that makes it look like a cinch to tear open for flavor.

A flame pattern and bright white text make it obvious that you're not a simple ketchup packet, nor are you off-brand hot sauce, you're from Taco Bell so folks will know they're in the company of a tasteful individual! Fire it up As a packet of fire hot sauce, you know you're a favorite.

Just the right amount of spice, you don't have anything to prove (looking at you Diablo). If you're making this a group costume with all the deliscious hot sauce flavors, go ahead and order this flavor ASAP so no one else can claim it.

Because when it comes to drizzling and dipping, Fire will always be the star of the show. Just promise us one thing, try not to make fun of Mild.

He's just making sure Taco Bell's Tex-Mex flavor stays safe for all. Doesn't everyone deserve a taco Tuesday?


Adult Realistic Taco Costume

hard shell always You take Taco Tuesday very seriously. Every week you ensure all three Tuesday meals involve tacos.

Breakfast tacos loaded with eggs, bacon, and a bright, fresh pico de gallo start the day. For lunch you take a break from the office and visit your favorite taqueria for the best carne asada tacos available from a nearby taco truck.

And for dinner you whip out that little computer in your pocket to order the best tacos the city has to offer straight to your living room. No one has ever doubted your commitment to the weekly celebration, but youve decided its time to let the routine go further than your diet, starting with your wardrobe.

product details No, we're not talking about pretending that Monday is Tuesday, though we understand the impulse. We're talking about this Adult Realistic Taco Costume, a sleeveless pullover tunic that fits most body sizes.

The all-polyester costume uses the printed graphics of a taco to establish your favorite food for all to see. with queso, please Your taco obsession has become less of a craving and more a way of life in this bad boy.

Introduce the delicious dish into your wardrobe (without risking messy salsa stains) with this delightful Adult Realistic Taco Costume!

Adult Taco Bell Verde Sauce Packet Taco Bell Costume

So Fresh and So Green, Green Ah, it's lunchtime and there's only one place to go. What's your Taco Bell pick?

Are you craving a chalupa? Or maybe you've been dreaming about an XXL grilled stuft burrito since your 10:00 meeting let you lose a couple of hours ago.

If you're getting crazy maybe you'll order rolled chicken tacos and a Mexican pizza for a really wild time that your lunch mates didn't see coming. But here's the thing, no matter what you end up ordering, it's not complete without Taco Bell's packets of perfect spiciness.

Those classic packets are really going to make this greasy meal nearly perfect. From the super spicy Diablo to the innocent mild, everyone has their own saucy opinion.

The sauce that stands out from the pack? Salsa Verde.

It's got a fresh flavor with a surprise kick. Kind of like your personality, huh?

Product Details This glossy tunic will be the perfect way to show off your wild taste. The ragged hems will make this packet look easy to tear open for some real flavor.

Verde Salsa is printed on the front with the saucy saying in the middle. Pair it with the rest of the Salsa packets on offer to make sure your lunchmates share your enthusiasm for spice.

In various flavors and styles, you're sure to find a great look for everyone in your crew. Plenty to Taco Bout In our experience, food is always a conversation starter.

Everyone has their opinions on what they eat! Are you looking for a way to make sure your next costumed event is full of spirited conversation?

These saucy looks are just the thing. you'll have people arguing over the merits of quesadillas versus a beef taco in no time.

And if we're really being honest, almost every party could use a little more spice!

Child Taco Costume

On Monday night do you ever sense a rising feeling of excitement in your child? Do they pack their bookbag with extra zest on Tuesday morning, running out the door with hardly a goodbye?

Don't feel bad, they aren't trying to escape from you. It's just that something wonderful happens on the second day of each week, they call it taco Tuesday.

For children that experience this phenomenon, the love of tacos remains with them their whole life. Tacos are an amazing food.

They are the perfect balance of crunch, grease, flavor, and freshness. The taco, when done right can be.

. .

Sorry, we had to break for lunch. Umm, what were we talking about?

Oh, yeah tacos. They can be filled with anything from fish to pork to beans.

It doesn't matter what you load them with, as long as they have the right texture portions, they are enough to make a child look forward to school at least once a week. No wonder your kid has a beef with you when you try and get them to convert to cold lunch.

Lettuce remember those cold lunch kids who grew up and still think about those sad moments in the cafeteria, eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich while smelling the spicy cumin and melty cheese in the air. Embrace you child's love of this wonderful food, savor that weekday with them!

Maybe your child won't want to wear their taco costume every Tuesday but if they do we won't blame them. There's nothing wrong with enthusiasm.

While trick-or-treating your child can become a beacon of crunchy hope among the goblins and ghouls. All costumes until now have bean flavorless, beef up Halloween this year!


Fish Taco Costume

Taco of the Sea Are you aware of the great taco revolution that's taking the nation, nay, the world by storm? Yes, the passion for tacos is enrapturing the whole world.

People not only riot for the tortilla framed treat on Tuesdays but every other day of the week as well. Most likely because there are a hundred ways to stuff a taco.

There are the traditional beef and chicken but the favorites don't stop there. People are sneaking in cauliflower doused with cumin and chili.

There are kimchitacos and crispychicharron, you could even start your day off right with an egg, bean, and cheese breakfast taco. But we digress, we really shouldn't describe food costumes around lunchtime.

The most divisivetaco out there is the fish taco, without a doubt. While some people are unable to overcome their hatred of seafood, others argue about what it should be topped with or which fish should be used between the shell.

One thing is for sure when you're representing the fish taco, you're sure to spark passionate conversation from Tex-Mex lovers everywhere. Product Details There's no question of what kind of taco you're representing.

This taco has a blue fish head and tail sticking out of the shell and while we took this opportunity to look at pictures of tacos for half an hour, we've still never seen anything like it! People are sure to get the point when they see your tasty looking tunic.

It has a tantalizing red and green panel as well as a blue fishhead hood. No Such Thing as Too Many Tacos When you're wearing this costume you have almost as many options as an empty yet finely toasted corn tortilla has for fillings.

Pair up with other food costumes like a chili pepper or an appropriatelypaired beverage. Or go as a six pack and a pound when you go trick-or-treating as a family.

Everyone can be a taco. After all, you know what we say around eleven-thirty every morning in the office!

There's no such thing as too many tacos.