Texas Chainsaw Massacre

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Leatherface Texas Chainsaw Massacre Ornament

In Your Leatherface Wouldnt it be crazy if Halloween had all the same traditions as Christmas? We can imagine it pretty well, given the number of holiday crossover movies that have come out dealing with this topic, but its still fun to really dig into it.

Just imagine Black Friday shopping for Halloween presents, coming up with all kinds of gruesome gifts for your friends and family. Thered be fish heads and spooky skeletons and horrific masks all over the place!

Then theres the cooking. Christmas isnt complete without all the delicious cookies and treats, and that is where Halloween would excel as well.

All the delicious witch-shaped rare steaks and greenish-brown grog to drink as you decorate the Halloween tree. It would probably bring a tear to your eye to see the traditional Texas Chainsaw Massacre Leatherface ornament being placed in its special spot on the Halloween tree.

What a beautiful sight! Halloween Carols?

The shrieking choruses in the air would really set the mood for a nice, terrified night hiding from the Bogeyman as he comes to your house to eat all your food and poison your well. At least you would have suitable dcor with this beautifully decorated ornament hanging from the gnarled, dead branches of your tree.

Youll wish it was Halloween every day when you have this!