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11 Resin Turkey Arrow Figure Sign

Gobble Gobble! This bird had a smart idea.

Instead of waiting around to be eaten on Thanksgiving, it chose to conceal itself in plain sight. No one would ever try to baste a piece of home decor and fill it with apple and sage stuffing!

The 11 Inch Resin Turkey Arrow Figure has an old-fashioned feel to it and is beautifully painted with antique shades of red, blue, gold, and brown. Attached chains on the tail feathers and the head allow it to be attached to a standard arrow holder.


6FT Inflatable Turkey on Pumpkin Thanksgiving Decoration

All the Fixin's You are known as the Halloween Queen in your circle. When people think of Halloween, they think of you.

You throw the best Halloween parties. You make the best haunted houses.

You buy the best candy for trick-or-treaters. And your costumes are to die for!

Hey, sounds like we have a lot in common, actually. But there's something your friends don't know about you.

You love Turkey Day equally, and you are as skilled at pulling off a festive Thanksgiving as you are a Halloween bash. Well, we think it's time you come clean to your nearest and dearest and create an unexpected holiday to remember with thisInflatable Thanksgiving Turkey!

It sets the scene for a day filled with family, togetherness, and of course, food. Product Details Now that you are the Halloween Queen and the Maven of Turkey Day, you'll want decor you can call on again and again, since you know your loved ones will be expecting a repeat next year.

This piece features a big turkey sitting atop a festive fall pumpkin, with a smaller pumpkin and baby turkey beside it. You can deflate it and inflate it for easy storage in between your memorable meals, year after year!


Inflatable 6FT Let's Eat Turkey Decoration

Let's Eat Halloween is actually great for two reasons. On the one hand, it's fun to dress up, trick or treat, and create haunted houses.

But the other cool thing about Halloween is that once it's over, it signals the next great holidayThanksgiving! Most people don't know that we're actually huge Thanksgiving fans, as well.

The stuffing and sweet potatoes. The green beans and pumpkin pie.

And let's not forget the turkey! It's pretty hard to do that with this Inflatable Let's Eat Turkey Decoration on your porch or in your dining room.

And since you are hosting your first-ever Thanksgiving, you have to go all out! Remember November 1 is officially turkey season, so start thinking ahead for that Thanksgiving decor if you want to host a holiday hit!

Product Details This gobbler stands 6 feet tall and features a seated turkey with a fork in one hand and a knife in the other. The words "Let's Eat" are printed on the turkey's bib, while its colorful tail fans out behind it.

This is a piece you can deflate at the end of the holiday and use it year after year. So you'd better grab it while you can!


Turkey & Pumpkin Pie Leftovers Are For Quitters Socks

No Leaving Leftovers! We love Thanksgiving leftovers.

In fact, we might even venture to say that some of our favorite foods taste better the second time around! But not everyone agrees with us, and we completely understand.

For instance, you might not like a bunch of containers taking up all the space in your refrigerator. Or perhaps they tend to get shoved behind other things and forgotten until they start producing some rather unique odors.

Or maybe you just cant stand the taste of microwaved potatoes! So, if you need a little extra motivation to gobble up the last bit of turkey or polish off the remaining piece of pie, we have just what you need!

Product Details When you sit down to eat your holiday meal, youll want to make sure youre up to the challenge. Give yourself some extra encouragement with these Turkey and Pumpkin Pie Socks!

These comfy knit socks are decorated with graphics of turkey legs and pie slices, and clearly state that leftovers are for quitters. When you put on these socks to eat Thanksgiving dinner, your toes will be cozy and your tummy will be full!