The Purge

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Abe Lincoln The Purge Mask

Four Score and Twenty Purges Ago America looks a little different than it did during the time of Honest Abe. Now the principle of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness has changed to "the pursuit of any kind of crime you want, as long as it's during the annual Purge.

" Product Details Will you hole up behind your security systems and cross your fingers, or will you join the mob in this officially licensed The Purge Abe Lincoln Mask? The plastic mask is molded to look like a frowning Abraham Lincoln, complete with beard and sideburns.

An elastic band keeps it securely around your head. The New Founding Fathers of America Abe Lincoln looks a little more sinister here than he does on the face of Mount Rushmore or the Lincoln Memorial, but that's ideal for a night of looting and crime.


or at least a night of Halloween parties! Give a fun nod to a horror classic by wearing this fun replica.


Lady Liberty The Purge Light Up Mask

Too scary! The Purge is just way too scary for us.

But, we get why you're into it if you are! It's quite violent and probably gives you all the scary feels.

Which, obviously, is what horror movie fans are all about. And, if you're a fan of the series, we're sure you may be considering tapping into The Purge for your Halloween costume choice this year.

We're totally here for that! That's why we've got thisThe Purge Lady Liberty Light Up Mask here and ready to go for Halloween fun.

One of the most iconic visages of The Purge: Election Year, one of the participants in the movie created her own costume imitating the Statue of Liberty, and this mask brings the creepy style to life. The Lady Liberty Purger was even featured on the movie poster, so we're sure this costume choice will be an instant hit for you!

Product Details Officially licensed from our friends at Trick-or-Treat studios, this detailed mask recreates the style from the film, and features light-up action for extra effect.Each mask comes with stitched green LED lights, a sturdy foam crown, and a AA battery pack with three flashing modes that can easily clip on to your pants or pocket.

Snag a Lady Liberty costume dress from our catalog, and you can add a few DIY blood splatters and distressing to have a picture-perfect The Purge costume! (Batteries and costume sold separately.


The Purge Adult Run Mask

Count Down Are you having a hard time finding the motivation to work out? If you had a reason to hustle, you wouldn't slack at the gym!

Not that getting fit is a good reason to pass the 28th amendment. Try signing up for a 10K or planning a backpacking trip instead.

That's a much more mentally balanced way to motivate a health kick, without the skyrocketing insurance prices. That's right.

Insurance prices. With all the injuries and arson throughout the United States, we can't imagine that those monthly premiums are cheap.

Product Details If you want to give everyone in your way on Purge night a piece of great advice without saying a word, this Purge mask is a great choice. Created by Trick or Treat Studios, it's directly inspired by a mask seen in The Purge universe.

The quilted design looks like it's been patched together out of old leather (leather made from who knows what). The mask straps to your head with a wide elastic band so it stays put.

With wide eye holes covered in mesh, this is a great choice for a range of Halloween events. With the high-quality that Trick or Treat Studios ensures, you'll be ready to run as soon as this Purge mask arrives at your door!


The Purge Doll Mask Costume Accessory

Just Can't Resist It's the night of the annual Purge and you're sitting alone in your basement, trying not to think about it. When the New Founding Fathers of America first instituted the yearly evening of sanctioned crime, you swore you'd never participate.

But now, you're remembering last year, when your friends all showed up at school or work with big grins and flashy new clothes and products. You're thinking about that awesome new phone at the mall.

What if you just did one tiiiiiny robbery? You'll come right back afterward.

You just need a mask: One that says, "I'm nice, but scary!" Product Details Join the mayhem with this officially licensed The Purge Doll Mask Accessory!

The plastic mask is painted with crude doll features that somehow make it look sweet AND terrifying. Mesh eye holes let you see what you want to pillage while obscuring your features.

Nose and mouth holes let you breathe and talk comfortably. Oops It's 6:00 a.

m. when you finally stumble home with blood on your clothes.

When you think back over the night, your mouth widens in a grin nearly as frightening as your mask's. You can't wait for the next Purge.


The Purge Kiss Me Mask

Here Comes the Bride Every little girl out there dreams of putting on a white dress and walking down the aisle, machine gun in hand..

. wait, no that's not quite right.

But when it comes to the world of The Purge, Freakbride is living out her own little dream. She might have traded her bouquet for some serious weaponry and true love for a wild need for revenge, but man, does she have a sick sense of pageantry!

Are you ready to become a different kind of bride? This mask will flaunt your love of The Purge, just don't be surprised if your significant other refrains from giving you an engagement ring for a bit!

Product Details This mask is straight from The Purge: Election Year. Making you into the angry protagonist, Freakbride, the mask secures over your face with an elastic band that slips around the back of your head.

Molded with eerie details and printed with splattered blood you'll be able to intrigue both fans of the movie and those who have never seen it! A Night to Remember The Freakbride didn't just stop once she had an awesome mask.

When she was planning for her 12 hours of anarchy, she made sure that she had a whole ensemble picked out. Pair this mask with a tutu and bustier and you'll be ready for a night to remember!


The Purge Mask God

A Night To Remember We understand that the 12 hours of The Purge is a pretty wild time. It's unpredictable, violent, and chaotic.

Here's the thing, we want to know what happens afterward. How long does cleaning up the streets take?

Do the people who slayed their fellow-citizens have to pick up after themselves or is that contracted out by the city? If so, that could be an exclusive cleaning business that only works once a year right after The Purge.

They could even make sure that the work is spread out and messy enough (soap bubbles in fountains style) that they get extra work without having to do anything too nasty. While we might prefer that The Purge was more about pranks then pain, you have to admit those terrifying masks would be handy, even if you're simply planning on TPing national monuments during your lawless night!

Costume Details This cream-colored mask looks just like the look introduced in The Purge. Representing the god of anarchy, it's detailed with disturbing details such as the faded lipstick around the mouth and the hand made-looking shading around the eyes.

GOD is written in what looks like a marker, letting people know that you are an important Purge participant!